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There is strict gun control in the UK but that hasn't stopped mass killings by nutters.
1987 Hungerford massacre, 16 killed including the shootist's mother, 15 wounded
1996 Cumbria shootings, 12 killed and 11 wounded
2010 Dunblane massacre, 16 children killed and 2 adults (one being the shooter)
Gun control is NOT the answer for America.

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When the Romans experienced dissent in an outlying part of their empire, they bltiz the area with soldiers, built a fortified keep and set about controlling the populace. Trouble makers and ring-leaders were executed until all dissent had stopped. The Romans then set about re-educating the inhabitants into what was expected of them to continue living in peace and prosperity which was the Roman way. All this could and was achievable in just 2-years.

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Right on Screw perhaps the best example of this in modern times is the way the British double dealing politicians handed Rhodesia over to a black despot who is still in power. Remember there was NO apartheid in Rhodesia but this didn't save them from Britain's overriding agenda of ethnic cleansing of white people from southern Africa.

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Do you also condemn the black racist government of South Africa today who actively promotes racism, nationalises white owned farms and businesses and is riddled with corrupt?

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Does the Black Studies course cover tribalism and how thousands of Africans were slaughtered, sold into slavery and oppressed by their own leaders - or are the students only interested in 'liberating' history about racism by white people?

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The word 'Apartheid' is a hangover from the voracious anti-Apartheid movement which was so successful in bringing down the white government of South Africa. "Well hey it worked on South Africa so lets try it on Israel". No pro-Palestinian activist I've spoken to knows or cares about how Apartheid worked in South Africa or what it's purpose was meant to be. Many activists don't know what they mean by Apartheid except that it was originally applied to a "white racist regime" who supposedly oppressed black people. When you ask them to explain about how Apartheid is applied in Israel they come out with the some hazy notion of land settlements, the anti-terrorist walls and Palestinian humiliation at check points. You cannot argue with them because their minds are closed and frankly they don't care about truth. They have their own agenda which is promoting Islam in all it's forms and do the mindless bidding of their Marxist handlers.

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Slavery hasn't stopped in the West and trafficking of people across Europe continues today.

White people played only a small part in global slavery. By far the biggest slavers were Arabs who not only plotted with African leaders to take large numbers of their tribal enemies into slavery, but they also plundered coastal towns of Ireland and Southern England clearing out whole villages and shipping them off to become slaves of Islam. I don't hear Muslims apologising for the part they played in world slavery unlike the white man who seems he has to take responsibility for all the world's depravities.

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Why are you doing this? Stop applying labels to me. You couldn't be more wrong.

I am for America and Israel. I promote free speech and counter anti-semitic propaganda everywhere. I am also in favour of selective immigration from the third world but not the open door policy that we are experiencing.

I am glad to hear that the US are tackling mass Hispanic expansionism. We don't get to read too much about it. Perhaps that could be the subject of your next book.

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The racist/ fascist card is old hat and used consistently when the argument centres around personalities and not issues.

Personally I couldn't care less about colour but the truth is that Muslims, almost without exception in my country, are black and you cannot hide the facts. Known Muslim terrorists cells operating in the country are all black. The large majority of race attacks are black on white. Grooming of underage white girls for sex is endemic and being carried out by gangs of Asians of Pakistani origin throughout the whole of the country. There are more black Muslims in jail per capita than non-Muslims. This has nothing to do with racism on my part but the facts speak for themselves.

It concerns me that while Americans concentrate on the Islamic threat, the actual takeover of their country will be from Hispanics whose numbers are rising so fast as to be totally out of control. Your children better learn Spanish because that is what your new government will be speaking.

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I listened to Dr Taj Hargey on BBC Newsnight programme last night who is chair of the Muslim Education Centre, Oxford and is probably the first moderate Muslim I have heard who describes how the export to the West of a backward and 'highly toxic caricature of Islam' , known as Wahhabism, has been peddled across the world spreading sectarian poison.

Dr Hargey advocates the reforming of Islam from the pristine teaching of the Koran and ignoring the Hadiths which, he says, were compiled by non-Arabs 250-years after Mohammed's death. The reformation of Islam is still in its infancy but finding opposition in reactionary clergy and their supporters. Perhaps the government should be funding Dr Hargey's efforts and not the Muslim Brotherhood which continues to support Sharia Law and the oppressive forms of Islam.

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