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Even though I don't watch a lot of television any more and the marathon won't be airing here,I'll watch all the episodes back to back whenever I can so I can feel like I'm watching the marathon.I hope someone records those Question and Answers.

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You know a convention is going to be good if Apple Jack and Granny Smith have come.
You know a convention is fancy if Octavia,Rarity and Vinyl Scratch have come.
You know a convention is going to be down right crazy and weird if Pinkie Pie,Princess Luna and Trixie are there.
You know a convention is going to be awesome if Gummy is there.
On another note,Twilight is so full of herself that she wants to get an autograph of herself.
I spotted Derpy!

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I would really love to see more of Dash's childhood..Flutter Shy's and Apple Jack's too...Maybe we can get to know about their parents too that way? Through flashbacks. And we can see how Flutter Shy And Rainbow Dash...Rainbow Dash and Gilda met.And How Apple Jack helped on the farm when she was smaller.

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Probably something related to Apples since Babs is part of the Apple Family.

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Its great to see even the show's writers helping with charity.That just shows how much involved My Little Pony is with charity.I'm pretty sure a lot of people should give money because I haven't hated any episode this voice actor has written.I hope her friend Lydia gets better over time! Its great she's raising money for the hospital and patients of this disease.She's trying to do everything she can at least. :)

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Of course Derpy would win Wipe Out by luck..Beating even Twilight's physics and Rainbow Dash's agility.
The hosts of this show are hilarious and I love their comments about the brony.Best of all they didn't even make fun of him.

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So they included all the mane 6+Derpy Hooves and Dr.Whooves.A Great set overall.
Also,X-Mas In July!

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#1-Maybe its because Apple Jack wants to kill the rabbit to eat it and Flutter Shy loves animals and doing it in front of her would break her heart even if you try to explain it even though Flutter Shy secretly murdered fish which have been seen being eaten by the Bear Flutter Shy has numerous times in the series.Maybe its because Rarity makes rabbit-skinned clothing?
#2-A Tirek And Discord Interaction Comic? How Interesting.I'll have to read all the parts later.But aren't those King Sombra's eyes? Which Tirek And Discord now possess?
#3-So many Twilight would mean chaos for Pony Ville due to all those lectures and all those Twilights trying to save the world.But What I'm thinking is why didn't Twilight go through the mirror pool? She did want more Twilights after all.
#4-Oh Pinkie Pie..Always Breaking the fourth wall and saying and doing things unexpected.

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The sypnosis seems interesting.Probably Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash or Twilight gets Apple Jack's journal and shows it to everyone else.
Reminds me of Rarity and the CMC In "Ponyville Confidential".But Apple Jack took honesty way too far here..Saying the truth always gets you into trouble later on...I know that Because I'm a brutally honest person and my Geography teacher called my parents last year because I said she sucked on face book but the headmaster shouted at the geography teacher for calling my parents for no real reason and I got Straight A's.Show's how karma bites you in the ass.But seriously recording what Apple Jack did on the farm? It would go like "Apple Bucking,Apple Bucking,Apple Bucking,Apple Bucking,Zap Apple Jam Time,Apple Bucking,Apple Bucking,Apple Bucking,Apple Bucking,Corn and Carrot Harvest.* Or "Dear Diary,Today I Bucked Ma' Apples." I wonder if Apple Jack would vent about Apple Bloom not listening to her orders.

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#1-Imagine if it was Sweetie Belle instead of Rarity in Inspiration Manifestation.
#17-I've always loved these kind of wallpapers.Its basically the ponies without their vectors with the eyes and other things.
#41-Buy some apples or you die.
So many Princess Luna wallpapers..Well people like dark colours and besides Luna won my Best Pony contest..She reached the final 2 with Rainbow Dash...Dashie only got 42 of the 115 votes.So it makes sense that there are so many wallpapers because Luna has so many fans.