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I didn't realise that our policy of voluntary assisted repatriation for non-indigenous people had been outlawed. Very strange given that both the Labour and the Tory parties once had this policy, and other countries like Japan have implemented it with in the last year or so.
The oppressors might have outlawed it, but that doesn't stop us using it as propaganda by stating on leaflets that the government has "banned you" from voting for this policy.

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Whatever name you choose it will be sullied by our opposition. The grace period will be short lived, and you will have the disadvantage of having no public recognition.
A new leader who is totally different in character to Nick Griffin would be an effective way to change the public's perception of the BNP.
Negative associations can be muted, overcome and even forgotten. What did most people think of the name Wii when Nintendo launched it? Did it stop them buying one?

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Loyalty point 3: "Discuss your organizational problems and the problems of your co-workers only with those who can help solve the problems. Don't gossip."
- sounds like essential reading for many people.

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As I recall our election material made clear that we would save billions by bringing our troops home now, ending foreign aid and membership of the EU. The savings from these alone would avoid the swingeing cuts the ConDems are having to implement now.

There's only so much we can realistically promise to achieve in a single election, whatever our long term ideals.

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UKIP claim they aren't standing against genuinely anti-EU candidates. In that case, why are they standing against us in Barking and Dagenham?

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This is another example of how left types attempt to use social stigmatization and peer pressure over rational argument to dissuade people from supporting their ideological opponents. Unfortunately a lot of people are too insecure in their convictions to stand up to them. Both knowledge and courage are required to stand up to them.

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