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We get the message in story form, that was good, but exactly how it happened. The Rasheed Ali ad Jammat story was just a cover. In fact it came out too soon to have credibility.

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What we know is that there is a killer robber group operating with a fixed modus operandi in the country, and they are sure that getting away is a matter of procedure.
Dana was killed by agents with diplomatic and diplomatic consulates cover, so the escape and identity of the killers was easy to hide.
Any cooperation with foreign inteligence when it comes to international organisations should be accompanieded with deep blue identity cover, so that your handlers dont even know who you are.
You can also take for granted that the underworld has its agents in every lawenforcement outfit in the world who are on the take to keep the maffiosis in business, and they are hitmen too. Incharge of the embassies and privy to personel information, operations and opperatives. Dana is just another one that got in their way. Its bad for business to reorganise law enforcement,locally. The more foreign drug agents you have locally, the bigger and more violent will be the trade

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The chinese are good hearted people, but they will rape the third world with their tenth rated maaterials that is been shipped to every corner of the earth.

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Pastor you are right. I said it a couple years ago, that the evil forces f fimperialism have taken over the spiritual health of the nation, it can be the only explanation for the type and frequency of criminal and insane behavior takin place in the country. This is in tandem with the subtle pioning of the food source.

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Basic human dignity will prevent anyone with class from making such a confession, but again, money is the root of all evil. Is volney looking at an international posting aas reward?

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Volney complained about his financial hardship due to leaving the government and partnership. Was anyone prepared to pay for his defense against Annand Ramlogan? Of greater concern for me is not that he changed his tune, but for what in consideration of his retraction. Ramlogan said in the interview or press release that his office will be willing to consult with Volney in matters of the criminal justice system. doesnt that sound like a payoff to you?

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Robinsons legasy is a total over statement. The man was as egotistical as it can ever be. I will not be surprised to learn that he wrote these epithats himself and handed them around for when he is dead.

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You are as close to the truth as anyone else can get. The case will never be solved. The police immediately telegraphed a substantial number of early investigative facts to cause the perpetuators to take cover of their tracts. As a matter of fact, the actual hitman may be running to save his own life, as the only way to put a lid on the case if the police says that they have so much evidence is to kill the hitmen. How can the investigtion be handled so loosely, that the hitman can be notified by a cop to run? Who is this cop? If they said that he was operating with impunity for four years, why is a search warrant not executed on his places of known frequency or abode to aquire evidebnce? When did the authorities know about the called hit? How would a load of cocaine that was loaded in Trinidad, into a container by a company using the defunct company logo of a Trinidad company by an unidentifiable entity suddenly be of European origin?

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Dont be mistaken in any way! I am saying it as straight as it gets and it will be hard to bear, but Dana was killed by law enforcement in some one of its capacities. Danas briefs were extremely varied and at times seem to tave conflicting interests. There is nothing of special practicality in the Naipaul case that would require her death per say. Given her complex and conflicting practice, a percieved breach of expectation might more be the cause,

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She was snitched out by law enforcement. Her cover was blown by her close friends.