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I like that sister of his. She is my new role model.

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What the slippery fuck does one pay an 'animal trapper' for? To make coonskin hats for him to trade for bonnets and salted meats? I'm so confused.

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'men are awesome at not having miscarriages'. Jack, have I told you lately that I love you?

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Are we going to talk about the 'forcible rape' phrase? I read it on Mother Jones. I'd like it to be put into context for me. Is this new language? Have they explained wtf is non forcible rape?? I'm so outraged I want to take to the street. And I'm a pretty calm woman. We just can't give up one iota of ground on this. A hugely important part of the modern feminist movement has been to advocate for rape victims. We've been the only ones out there on this, and it sounds to me like they are trying to roll us back to the 60s. Hell. No.

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Ooooor, if you are 15 and he's 35 BUT not related to you, then you sure did have that coming slutty mcslutterson.

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What a fucking asswipe. Sorry to insult toilet paper....

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Oh god, this happened to me. I very clearly said, I would only have sex with him with a condom. He argued repeatedly and I held my ground. I woke to him inside me without a condom. I know some people will say that isn't rape, but I felt totally violated. I am still suffering; I did not consent to that. In fact I specifically refused consent to that act unprotected. I don't know whether to say anything about it because I know people will respond this way and dismiss it. I feel for the woman who went through this.

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Just wanted to say that I spent a week on a Congressional delegation abroad with King and Gohmert. And I'd like to get a leetle credit for not vomiting on either of them. For professionalism. And King is truly living in an alternate reality. He still supports the Iraq war and swears that history with be on his side.

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And of course, tell him that they are white.

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Before Obama win Repubs: OMGAWD Hill is the most liberal witch that has ever liberalled. She is a commie red commie pants and a dyke witch to boot,. Once Obama won: Hill is a reasoned moderate who should have won and anyone is better than Obama really.

If I didn't know better, I would think that this is all cynical opportunistic politics here.