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Breaking Bad fans say hi

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At least you Americans have easy ways to legally watch the show. Here in Britain the channel that has broadcasting rights to MLP (Boomerang) never shows the show, and even if it does it'll be The Ticket Master or Bridle Gossip. Shame about FiW, though. Copyright and Trademark laws are the old-timey and archaic laws holding creativity and the furthering of entertainment back.

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The 3DS Version isn't all that good since you can't create your own objects. The Wii U version is best, imo.

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What a stupid way to do business. I really don't get any laws that determine what region of the world gets what. A terribly stupid example is Scribblenauts: Unlimited, because the UK falls under the PAL region we have to wait until the game (which is heavily based upon a LOT of words) is fully translated for the other languages, which will take until February. The crappy thing is the game has been out in America since November, so the only thing stopping the UK getting the game is the crappy region laws stopping an already-English game coming out in the UK. That will probably mean more and more people from the UK will simply pirate the US version. Saying what people should buy and not simply for what country they're in only encourages piracy, and is an archaic and stupid business practice.

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Now can Hasbro get workin' on bringing MLP to Netflix in the UK? I'd like to legally watch the show, but I just can't.

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Who else tried pressing the play button in the header image? I felt so dumb after trying.

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The title of the comic. Breaking Babs is clearly a reference to Breaking Bad, and those exact same words are used in that show.
(If you're joking then sorry for correction you)

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This is a story about how a young pony's life got flipped-turned, upside down. I'd like you to just take a minute and sit right there, and I'll tell you how he became the King of The Crystal Empire.

Born and raised in West Canterlot, Sombra used to spend most of his days hanging out in the playground, mainly playing his favorite sport baskethoof. Then a couple of mean crystal ponies came up to him and starting causing trouble. He got in one little fight, and his mother grew terrified of what the crystal ponies were doing to her son.

"You're moving in with your aunt and uncle in Bel Mare," she said.

He begged and he plead with her day after day. But she packed his suitcase and sent him on his way. She gave him a kiss and she gave him a ticket. He put on his Trotman and said "CRYSTALLLSSS!!!".

The train arrived, there was a pony who looked like a royal guard standing there with his name out. He wasn't trying to get banished yet, he just got there!

He whistled for a carriage, the license plate said Crystals and it had dice in the mirror. If anything he could say the carriage was rare. "Forget it, yo homes to Bel-Mare!" he thought to himself.

Shortly after arriving he grew tired of his new family's silly antics and decided to plan a full scale invasion of the Crystal Empire.

So he rode in on a carriage, and he yelled to the driver "Yo Homes, CRYSTALLLLSSS!!!". He looked at his empire; he was finally there.

To sit on his throne as king of the Crystal Empire.

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Well, I didn't plan on doing anything productive anyway.

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Hi, ToastiestZombie's friend here.

Just here to say that we are planning to sue this site due to turning my friend to pure jelly. He is now a gelatinous blob with no limbs. I will be making the lawsuit in the foreseeable future.