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They are, indeed. Referring to them as "the Obama IRS" is a little troublesome to me, because they are really no different now than they've ever been. Their head pencil-neck visited the White House ONCE in 8 years of GWB's Presidency, as opposed to 158 times in the last 4+ years.
Just that right there says it all about our "politically neutral" IRS.

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It's not your's plain fact.
The "comical" aspect of this woman's silly thesis is that she is a "Professor" of New Testament and Early Christianity at Notre Dame. Talk about a mole from the other side!!

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Not to trivialize this horrendous situation, but I don't see where the IRS was ever NOT prone to harrass Conservatives foremost.

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A great comment, but I will add one thing: the main reason that parents are proud of their brainwashed offspring recieving a near-worthless diploma is that most parents themselves are barely above the maturity and common sense level of their kids!

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And when they do, the children will be fathered by the Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs and Dennis Rodmans among us. And I would wager that many of the first suicide bombers in the U.S. will be these vacuous girls who are prone to idolize and make obeisance to these "sexy" scum.

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LOL- good comment!
Setting out rows of bikes in NYC...this is stupid enough to leave one speechless.
This small-in-every-way man should go to work for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or the EPA; he would fit right into these degenerate bureaucracies.

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Well said. The whole "Multicultural" movement as we know it was begun by hordes of Stanley Ann Dunham/Katherine Russell "red-headed stepdaughters" who were out to settle a score with "those stupid white men", buttressed by "Liberal" males who were afraid (as they are now) to make a stand against this colossal foolishness. The last few decades of the culture of divorce and extended adolescence among parents bares a huge portion of blame for this.

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Adina, the JINO's (Jews In Name Only) who pull the strings in Hollywood are "Exhibit A" of what you just said...uuh, I mean typed.

Keep up the stellar work.

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God's rich blessings to Amy. I have read much about my Pakistani Christian brethren for decades. It's no surprise at all that they are ignored by our "courageous" Media.

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Chris, the Media are not interested in your opinion (which I heartily share, by the way). They are very interested, however, in the sappy dysfunctional "white girl bimboes" who seem to be coming out of the woodwork talking about how "cute" he is, and whimpering for "compassion" towards him. Evidently the MSM suits have no more morals or courage than any of these silly women.