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An earlier post claimed Vince has decided to abolish babyface and heel roles.

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Rick Steiner, Randy Savage, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Bob Backlund, Jim Duggan, Ken Shamrock, The Undertaker, Roddy Piper, Goldust, IRS, Brooklyn Brawler, Tajiri

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I predict WWE goes out of business within 15 years.

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All their singles matches, even the oldest one, are incredible. They epitomize pro wrestling. Literally essential viewing for any non bigot fan. It is the best pro wrestling ever. I highly encourage you to watch them all as they are available on the interweb. Seriously, do yourself this favor.

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Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi. End Thread.

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I will miss the old school Boston garden shows. I always wished they mixed it up more as far as what old ppvs they air. This was an incredibly frustrating and under delivering service, but still had something more or less worthwhile every month. I'm disappointed its over and would have rather seen mprovement to it than it being discontinued. Obviously some of what I enjoyed most from it won't be prominently featured on the network. I am 30 years old, been a fan my whole life except for 4 of my 5 years of college. I am beginning to question whether I will still follow wrestling 8 months from now. This service basically kept me addicted when recent tv has been "can miss" often. PPVs are beginning to get the reputation they had in WCW, and I truly question whether WWE will be healthy 15 yeas from now.

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Windham, Adonis, Mack, Snake Roberts, Nunzio, Rollins, Heel Doink, Rooster, Haku, Tanaka, IRS, Taka, D Young, Vince, Razor, Vega, Kurrgan, Jacques, Candido, Savage, Bass

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My favorite post of yours is "this comment has been deleted by the user."

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Royal rumble to determine undisputed wwe champion

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Prime Time Brian Lee aka Chainz of DOA, bulldozer for hire in ECW