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I was so hoping that Holly would really walk away for real. There is nothing about Nia's attitude that says she wants to stay at Abby's studio, because...why would anybody want to stay there?

And "America's wang" literally made my night.

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Gah, there was so much fail in this week's ep. The fan dance - I have no words for that. I don't recall Josephine Baker being a tween when she did that. Basic dance history, Abby. Learn it. I lost all respect for those mothers for going along with that mess. There's no way my daughter would be subjected to that. Even the kids were uncomfortable with it. No ma'am.

Christi is a doggone fool. She's so desperate for Chloe to outshine Maddie she will literally let her be treated like a piece of meat for the chance. That's freaking pathetic. I agree that Chloe's dance was better than Maddie's. She should have won first place, but of course that will never happen.

And the only reason Abby said it wasn't about winning that time was because the judges hated her number. Otherwise, she'd have been letting those girls have it for being the first to lose or something equally awful.

What is up with Cathy's husband being so much younger than her? I would have believed that was her son. Huh.

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I was glad for Nia last night, but I was so over how Holly portrayed it like some civil rights milestone. "I never thought I'd live to see the day..." is what you say after the inauguration of the first black president, now what you say when your daughter (who still has a lot to learn) makes it to the top of the pyramid.

And I was frustrated that Holly acted as if Nia had been "done wrong" by Cathy from Candy Apples. Hello! It's a competition! It shouldn't matter who she's up against. She has to compete by doing her best and she's got a lot of rough spots to fix. If Holly was more involved in Nia's dancing, she would know that instead of expecting Abby to throw her a bone.

I'm not denying that Abby plays favorites, but (as a woman of color myself) I cannot stand to see any of us act like someone should just let us have something because it's about time. That grates my nerves to no end. I do agree that Holly and her husband handled Nia's frustration well though. They clearly love her. They just need to show it by getting her out of that studio and somewhere she's given the attention she needs to grow.

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Weird all-natural vegan hippie here. Yes, we are definitely on to something. Whether that something is a legal substance or not, I refuse to say.

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This would not surprise me in the least. I've been natural for the last 10 years and my little girl will never get a relaxer (at least not until she's old enough to have one done herself). Heck, I used Head and Shoulders on my locs yesterday and I even stopped to wonder what's in that stuff. The sheer number of chemicals we subject ourselves to without even thinking about it is unnerving.

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I started reading "The Big Short" last week, but it seems so slow moving in the beginning. Might switch to "Too Big to Fail" or some other book about the financial crisis.

I also want to read "The Hunger Games" before the movie comes out next month.

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I see someone's still trying to make something out of Jonny Lee Miller.

Both "Friend Me" and "Super Fun Night" sound atrocious. CBS, you somehow got "The Big Bang Theory" to become successful. Don't push it with the nerd motif.

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I don't hold a grudge against Chris Brown for what he did. He's a jerk and I just never liked his music anyway, but Rihanna's forgiven him so that's that. As long as he keeps acting out (which is all he's really doing), it's just proof to me that he's extremely unhappy. Which is punishment enough for me.

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Hmmm....I was kind of digging the plot of "The Smart One" until I realized that Portia de Rossi is supposed to be the "unattractive" sibling on the show. I hate it already just for that.

And I don't dislike Mandy Moore, but yeesh, she looks frackin' terrible in that picture.

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AND they only have episodes 1 through 4 up! (Take a deep breath, Tipsy. It's just reality TV.)