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There are two things about this film I really love. The first is how straight the worldbuilding is played. While the reason the Thermians built the ship is largely silly, the structure and all the devices inside look and are treated as serious. The alien design is gorgous. Every time I watch Nesmith staring at the galaxies on the platform I feel at bit of the awe he does. Not only does it make the serious and funny bits better, but it feels like an added layer of affection towards fans and the source material. So that every time things are pointed out as silly you are also seeing how they are amazing too.

The second is how the parody is good natured. Nesmith is a jerk, Guy neurotic, the superfans miss social cues, and the Thermians are terminally naive. However, it never feels like any shots are fired. Biting satire has it's place but it would have diminished the story here. The Thermians sincerely believe in these burnt out actors and fandom saves the day. That sincerity is part of what makes this film timeless and why so many like it to this day.

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1) Science officer or engineering

2) Picard -> Sisko -> Janeway -> Kirk
I would swap Kirk and Janeway though if I were in Kirk's inner circle.

3) Guinan or Scotty. They are the sort of people who would tell you a fascinating story or two over a drink. I would ask Guinan about the places she has been and Scotty for shore leave/shenanigans on the Enterprise stories.

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Cops wearing dresses to catch purse theives was a real thing.

[Caption: 1960's Los Angeles police dressed as ladies to catch a purse snatcher]

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While feelings are meant to be mixed about what Sisko does, I feel there are a few important points to add to your picture.

*Other tactics have been tried. Besides Sisko's practice run with Dax and Garak trying at first to get real evidence (we are never told how many people get killed because of this, I'm guessing more that six), Star Fleet has to have been throwing diplomats at the Romulans. And sending their own agents who have probably also been killed.

*Sisko hears the sand hissing in the hour glass. He has been posting casualty lists for over three months at this point. With someone he knows almost always appearing on the list. Betazed is occupied. A stratigic outpost for the Dominion to conquer three more Federation planets and who knows how many more from there. Non-action will only get more people killed.

*It's not only Romulan resources that are needed to turn the tide of the war. Having a territory so close to their own that they have limited ability to counter the enemy in has limited Starfleet's power. Too many troops in or near the Romulan border could cause war with Romulus. That is part of why Sisko is so frustrated. Due to politics, not resources, the Federation was unable to prevent many of the deaths he posts each week.

*The Federation gave Sisko the okay to create a forgery and lie to Vreenak. It will probably go in a secret report that won't see the light of day until XX years later, but he isn't doing this entirely as an independent agent.

As for the biomimetic gel, my guess is because it's a Federation regulated substance. Since DS9 is the largest Federation presence in the area, it makes sense they would have the most. My only question would be if 85 liters is an unusually large amount to have on a long term Starfleet outpost.

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One of the few Discworld books I haven't read and I don't seem to be the only one going in blind (besides Mark ;) ).

My only spoiler is vg yvxryl raqvat jvgu Evaprjvaq onpx va Naxu-Zbecbex qhr gb Evaprjvaq'f irel oevrs ohg nznmvat (ubyl punenpgre qrirybczrag, ongzna!) pnzrb va Hafrra Npnqrzvpnyf.

I predict this won't be a favorite but I am looking forward to more Librarian. Is he going to become human for a bit? Will he speak English? I'm blanking on whether he spoke at all in Colour of Magic.

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Death is doing better than most characters who become Santa Claus in mildly humorous circumstances. He's head and shoulders above Jack Skellington and almost as good as the guy in The Santa Clause.

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Why are you so excited about your conclusion? Your argument is full of holes.

Witches Abroad was published in 1991. So written in 1989/1990. Before your suggested argument for definition uncertainty. Sexual and romantic openess does not automatically equal bi/pansexuality. Your main argument is Pratchett was leaning towards interpersonal dalliance as this sentence's definition of intersexual, which does not disclude solely heterosexual dalliances.

Given that every single romantic and sexual partner's description has been male for Nanny, any presumed queerness is still firmly in the realm of head canon. While there is nothing to disprove the idea, there is nothing to support it either.

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Intersexual means occuring between the sexes, specifically male and female. The quote is not implying queerness, but saying Nanny has had some really adventuresome sex with men. On multiple occassions.

It's a cool head canon, but that is not an example of text implying Nanny is queer.

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The confrontation between Salzella and Walter really reminded me of wrestling. With Salzella as the heel who loudly declares how much they hate w̶r̶e̶s̶t̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ opera and Walter as the face defending w̶r̶e̶s̶t̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ opera's honor.

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"Rhubarb, rhubarb!" reminds me of how primary school choir kids would mouth 'watermelon, watermelon' if they forgot the lyrics. You want to look like you are participating, but you don't really know what to say.