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I have dealt with so many American Jews, who purport that all Palestinians should be killed off, or forcibly expelled from Israel and the West Bank. I cannot see that as right. Because we do not have the right to do to others, what was done to us. Support for Israel, is supporting Israel to live with its neighbors. Meir Kahane's Kach Party got banned by the israeli Supreme Court, because it wanted to expel all Arabs out of Israel and the West Bank. Jews stick together, but not any cost whatsoever.

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What he gave was not for political causes, it was for Jews to be connected with Judaism. I went to a Sukkot celebration that was funded by a Rohr Family Grant. I really got to understand what the festival of Sukkot was all about, and to really enjoy it. This is how Jews should be connected to what they are, not by espousing radical right-wing support for Israel.

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Egypt has its own intelligence agency, so it would know precisely who was responsible for this attack. With Hamas fighting the Salafists in Gaza, that can be indication that not all is serene in Dar al-Islam. Instead of finding a way to blame all on Israel, why not Dar al-Islam unite with Israel, against those who are trying to deface Islam. Is not that the reason why Shiite split off from Sunnite?

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I would like to see proof that the World Bank is controlled by Israelis. I have worked as a consultant for the World Bank, and never saw any indication at all that is was Israeli controlled. This sounds more like an accusation from "The Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion." Israel cannot remain unscathed if the Palestinian economy collapses.

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First of all, I do not know where you got your numbers from, but they are three higher than numerous other sources posted. Second of all, Muslims still make up 75% of the West Bank population. The two-state solution has been frozen, and grassroots action is desperately trying to thaw it, and we can use all the help we can get. We can use the help of people like you, and use the help of American Jewry. So grassroots action can be used in talking about the economic benefits of a two-state solution, not its demise. I write about the economic interaction between Israel and the Palestinians, and there is room for growth. The Palestinian economy is on the verge of collapse, but if it became a nation-state, it would qualify for assistance by the World Bank. Right now, its collapse will also drag Israel down.

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If you are an expert on Jewish history in Cleveland. I know virtually nothing about it.

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In Germany they will use the spelling "Maggi," and no I have not read the works of the above mentioned individuals. I have read about Zoroastrianism from the Oxford Press, associated with Oxford University. I have not been among the Zoroastrianism in Iran, but I have been among the Parses of Mumbai.

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I am not quite sure, what this has to due with religious theology.

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I have seen various spellings of "Magi" and "Maggi," but there is a definitely reason why Zoroastrianism lost ground in Persia. The Magis lived in opulent wealth away from their followers, and the mullahs were everyday normal people like they were. Even though the Persians considered the Arabs to be barbarians, Islam just stream rolled over Zoroastrianism when it came into Persia.

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At least he was not like some of the famous rabbis in Israel, and that was living in opulent wealth. He was more spartan in his lifestyle. Do not forget that Zoroastrianism lost ground in Persia because the maggis lived in opulent wealth. Or the Protestant Reformation was a rebellion against the wealth of the popes and the abbots. If acclaimed rabbis are to be remembered, let them be remembered for their piety and scholarship, not their money.