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I like! Hope the price is right!

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Ms. PacMan. She's teh Hawt!

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Well, honestly, my old roomie (who is a fanatic for karaoke) would love this game. However, he's an old man. Lately I'm not really getting much use out of the microphone on Rockband 2 so I will probably let this game go to the intertubes to review and then poop out just like a few other games that I "HAD to HAVE" at the time.

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I have yet to play online. I am still working w/ the campaign. I've got a new baby boy so time is essential at the moment. Maybe tonight I will check it out.

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As a Designer, Mirror's Edge takes the cake with the intelligent design and corporate "face" that we all familiarize with the Mirror's Edge franchise. The star/eye logo is a sexy and modern logo that can be recognized "in the sand", as one of my graphic symbolism professors once said. As far as a secondary theme, I would probably choose Bioshock 2, for its unequivocal design style and ideas of an undersea 1930's era approach which in my eyes has yet to be outdone.

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no doubt! that looks sweet, but pics of the new content would rock even harder!

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I really hope this game wrocks! I just don't know if i want to buy back into the WWII era game again. Done that. I might demo it for a review or something. I could be persuaded. lmao.

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DEF a Golden Hammerburst! Dude, it has the short magazine, yet a strong punch w/ little recoil. Sofar Im luvin it. All the active reloads are more frequent w/ the hammerburst. Right Devin?

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I'd have to say that GOW2 would be my vote. Since everyone and their MOM will have that game real soon like.