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Not sure why, but this is one of my favourite reality TV shows. It's even up there with Project Runway! However I'd like to see the producers add more contestants, a twist to the voting criteria for the couples elimination and at least two more questions to the quiz at the end of each episode. IOW, the format should make it more difficult to vote couples for elimination, more difficult to stay in the game and should add the ability of couples who haven't a vote the ability to throw a wrench into the competition.

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So does this mean the NDP could conceivably form the government after the next election? Or, better, that the Greens might get two or more MPs?

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I'd prefer to remain on Standard Time. The dark mornings are more depressing than dark evenings. Makes it hard to get up and feel lively.

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Your post headline: "Mandatory reading on the volunteer census"

If it's voluntary it's not a census. Stop helping to promulgate Harper spin!

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Apps must not have read the memo that more Canadians are turning off beer and switching to wine. As for this Canadian, the last time she watched a hockey game, the Toronto Maple Leafs had just won the Stanley Cup - in 1967.

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"formal 'coalitions', i.e. where there is a quasi-merger"

No. A coalition is a partnership between or among distinct entities. A merger dissolves those entities into one. The 'quasi' qualifier is useless, given the key terms define different things.

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Fourth option: Sixty+ percent of Canadian voters.

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Chong: "the heart of Parliament is question period"

No, the heart of Parliament is committees.

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"[P]ortions of financial contributions to parties are tax deductible."

That's a non-refundable credit. Ergo, it doesn't help people whose incomes are too low for them to pay income tax. It's also why people who would like, but haven't the means, to donate to a political party are given a democratic boost by the per vote subsidy to parties.

If the same principle applies - non-refundable rather than refundable credit - to the proposed credit for voters, then Alberta would see little change in voter turnout. The people most likely to be persuaded to vote because they'd get paid to do it, still won't.

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Option 6: Predictable