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My unexpected Kevin Spacey crush genuinely started as a joke about how he was totally my type cause I'm only attracted to inappropriately older men with eye-bags who play evil dudes. But then one day I realized that I've watched his whole filmography and browsed his twitter and got into a passionate argument with someone about how he is the greatest actor of his generation and had to admit that at that point it's really really not a joke anymore. It's just a sad spiral of doom.

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I'd say I even go a step further with the insecurity. I go meta whenever I make a joke that's just too sarcastic by going: "I'm sorry, I was just being sarcastic because I am deeply insecure so I like to deflect serious moments with jokes in order to protect my fragile feelings"

But I have developed a really good delivery for that line so people always laugh for a few seconds before they stop to ponder: "Is she serious? Is she joking? Both?" We'll never know people, we'll never know.

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Well here is the gist:

this type of liberal protecting-women-and-minoirties-in-name secularism has different kind of backers. I mean, they're all wrong but some people are earnest in their desire for church-state separation and keeping the public sphere secular and others are straight up using it as a tool to promote a racist and xenophobic agenda. The language of the charter implicitly lets Christian symbols and practices go on while sikh, muslim, jewish (etc.) symbols and practices would be more targeted.

Bernard Drainville is his own character and deserves to inspire murky, ambiguous, sleezy villains in movies for decades to come and was basically like "we need to keep religion out of the public sphere" but then when people were like "hey maybe the big ol' cross in the national assembly should also go?" all of the charter people were like "Whaaaaat??? But that's just a part of our culture...ain't nothin' to do with religion."

But they said all of this is French. It was a smart tactic because it sounded less dumb in French.

(Aside: guess who is most hurt by this? ding ding ding you guess it it's women of color. four for you. you guessed it right.)

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I get way too excited that Nicole is Canadian sometimes. I've been researching and writing about the PQ and the implications of the charter for minorities in Canada since last year and whenever I mention it to my fellow Americans, they are (understandably) like "The P-what?" and I'm like "guuuuys Canadian politics are important or whatever"

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ahhhhh!!!! I went to a Laura Mulvey lecture last year that was basically this but it focused on visual language rather than the actual narrative/symbolism. I just had to express my enthusiasm for this before going back to reading the whole thing. Okay, I'll go now but I already love it based on the first paragraph.

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I completely agree on both Idris Elba and the Ian McKellan Richard III comment. I also love that everyone disagrees about casting IN EVERYTHING until Idris Elba comes up and everyone's like "oh yes yes Idris Elba." It's like a law...once you bring up Idris Elba the discussion is over. He is the right casting choice for everything.

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We have to coordinate when the toast viewing of this play will be as soon as the tickets go on sale

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Ok. But now I'm having so many wild hopes and dreams for this cultural phenomenon that will never be. Imagine the excitement around picking the new Columbo! Oh, and the Columbo reboot people are all awesome so we have plenty of women, POC, disabled and gay actors as Columbo. Imagine all the social and political issues Columbo explores. Imagine the witty but heartfelt catchphrases. And that one episode at the end of Season 2 of the third Columbo that makes everyone cry for years. This is a Doctor Who I might actually watch.

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Great minds can clearly detect that hilarious and talented British men only come in pairs and should not be separated from each other so cruelly.

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Also Pat Stew/Ian McKellen as a combo because it would be too cruel to grant one of them immortality and not the other.