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I can not wait for this content to come out. I mean to imagine a post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh is a pretty scary idea and I can't wait to see what's in store for Fallout 3 players.

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I have mixed views here. I can see a need for cutting down on racial and sexual discrimination online, but the problem with that is, it's not as much an Xbox Live problem as it is, from what I've seen, a nationality problem. At times my gaming was quite diverse nationality wise, and mostly whenever I had a problem with racist terms being thrown around, it was when I was playing with Americans. Besides the irony in me stereotyping racism to a majority being in one group, when it comes to things like teabagging and trashtalking, that's just the competitive sport in everyone.

People talk trash and do things to show dominance in video games. Depending on what genre you're playing, certain things may be more acceptable than others. I mean would I consider teabagging offensive? No. I mean sure if I get teabagged enough I will get annoyed but I move on and exact my revenge in a civilized manner. Considering the action of teabagging spreads throughout the FPS genre and is not singled out to Xbox Live, it's more tradition than it is insult.

Besides, can you really get angry at somebody crouching on you repeatedly? What you put to that is your own filthy heads. I mean for all I know the guy could be trying to bring me back to life and is just a really bad medic and doesn't understand CPR can not cure a bullet wound to the head. Of course if we're talking about a certain weapon-based fighting game that allows you to use an in game taunt over and over and over and over... yes I will freak out on you, and you know very well who you are person I am referring to, don't disappoint me. But that's all I'll do, and like I said I exact revenge pretty well.

Now in terms of your general trash-talking? I don't need to get into this much really, it's a part of everyday life. Trash-talking is part of the competitive factor, and if it's not being part of the competitive factor, no matter how hard you try there will always be that one annoying tick who just can't keep his/her mouth shut, they're not really something you can stop online but they're is always the option of setting the headset down and just playing without listening.

I'm not trying to defend anybody, I know I'm guilty of almost every online dirty deed you can commit in gaming that isn't over the limit, but I am going to say that Xbox Live does a pretty good job at keeping things at bay so to speak considering a majority of the complaints and negative reviews filed are fraud. I mean at the end of the day, at least Microsoft is able to say they have a lower suicide-rate on Xbox Live than Blizzard has on their servers.

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I give this a 9/9.