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EDIT: DERP. I just saw the news from a couple of posts before this one, confirming Weird Al as the guest voice. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Happiness.

Anyone more in the know care to explain to a simple soul like myself how all of this spells out the certainty of a Weird Al episode? I think I am missing some pieces here.

That said, if Weird Al really does guest spot on the show, HOLY. CRAPPIN'. GOODNESS. I would be one nerdtastically overjoyed fankid. Even if he didn't guest star himself, even an Al-themed pony would be pretty kickin'. =D

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28 over here and had also never heard of this. I think I've just never turned on a television on Christmas Day. (And not in the ultra-hip and judgmental "Um, we didn't WATCH TV on CHRISTMAS because we were with FAMILY" but just, like, apparently it never happened.)

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As with many pony releases, I'm over here wishing this included the Mane 6. Still, this is awesome!

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I don't wear t-shirts very often, nor am I willing to spend much on clothing. I would like to have a pony shirt, however, if I ever saw one that I just really had to have. I like nearly all the pony shirts I see, but not enough to pay full price for them. Maybe someday.

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Yep. I poked my head into this fandom for about six weeks and then got right the hell back out. I love the show and a select few of the toys, and I've continued to check this site daily for my MLP news, but I almost never venture into the comment section any more. There are mostly really great people here, but I learned quickly that I can't handle the disproportionate stress that the aggressively ass-hattish minority gives me, so that's that.

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I only started buying the blind bags after I found out I could identify them using the codes. I have no shame digging through every last bag in the store to find what I'm looking for. Haha. I'm just not willing to waste money on figures I don't care about, or getting duplicates. So far I've been able to find all the figures I was looking for, though sometimes I'll have to wait a few weeks and check back at the stores to see if the stock has changed. The thrill of the hunt is part of the fun for me! =D

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Ok, thanks.

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Like Holopony pointed out, the show accuracy is a big draw on these, and it's the reason they're the only MLP toys I've purchased other than a few of the blind bags. I'll also be investing in at least a couple of the 4d plushies for the same reasons--they finally look like the ponies I know and love. I 100% understand the appeal of the brushables, and they're cute for what they are, but they don't truly look like the characters and thus aren't terribly desirable to me personally. I'm glad the different styles are available so that people can get what best fits their taste. =)