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Reminds me of the first "gentlemannish" video I've ever watched: Meet the Spy's version by VileCoconut.

Slowest 4.41 minutes of my entire life, but totally worth it.

(Also, is there an official name for such fine language style?)

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...Metallica Mane Rainbow Dash?

Oh, well, a brony can dream. Give me one of these and... nothing else matters. *gets shot*

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-> Rainbow Rocks in Poland

Mateusz Skutnik liked this.

Also, even though the Brazilian dub is coming on, I highly doubt I'll watch it again in my language. I mean, I don't think the Brazilian dub of MLP is overall bad (I'll be honest here, though; the first EqG dub here in Brazil was simply AWFUL. Seriously, don't even think about watching songs in my language, you'll be trying to jump from the Eiffel Tower within ten seconds of any song), but I'd rather keep watching it again in English than the whole thing once in Portuguese. It just feels kinda weird when they're not ponies. (Yep, explain that to me now).

I give two weeks from the Polish release until Mateusz posts even more photos with "subtle" EqG on his monitors again. I want a heart attack again.

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So this movie actually made me start to like Sunset Shimmer.


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Too much Vinyl Scratch in the movie's ads and short clips and all...

...not enough Vinyl Scratch on the movie per se.

Hasbro, I am disappoint.

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#29 - I SAY, GENTLECOLTS. FREIENDSHIP MORPHIN' PONY RANGERS WILL ACTUALLY BECOME A THING SOMEDAY. Either that, or the next Sentai season after ToQger will be pony-based, then adapted to Rangers, then sued because Hasbro. But still, it'll be epic while it lasts. I SAY!

#33 - Interesting. Gamer Luna vs. Molestia. I admit, I really laughed when I saw Celly holding the banana. Bonus points for Luna holding a DualShock 3.

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Why, God/Javeh/Allah/Whatever, why won't thou allow me to meet a woman as fine as this? *Insert Rarity "whyyyy" emoticon here*

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Invite them for a false pizza night. Arm explosive traps inside the house. Detonates explosive charge from outside, stereotipically hiding in a bush (C'mon, who never hid themselves in a bush?), laughs like a madman.

Alternatively, sneak up to each of them in the night and stab 'em to death. Come to think of it, if the series' villains *actually* wanted to dispose of the Mane6, they would probably be able to do so with relative ease...

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...GOOD CELESTIA, this is exactly what I said to myself out loud when I read the headline.

Stop reading my mind 9 hours before I say something. :P

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Some of the best things in life are the ones that last long after they appear to be gone. Even though something ends, and apparently is no longer profitable or anything like that, it may still live on, much longer than supposed, it it has the power to keep things together - even if a small boot here and there is needed to keep things up even slightly, so that the fandom will pick on itself, such as movies, spin-offs or anything like that.

Say, how much time has it been since Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, or any other famous story brand that comes to your mind has arrived?

They're old, yet standing strong, because they've made a HUGE IMPACT on the worldwide culture. Sure, We Bronies may not have taken over the world (just yet), but look at those other brands. You people have any idea of how old ASoIaF is? First book's popped in around the 90's. Yes, and here on our 2014's we're watching this universe's magic unveil around us with the HBO series (Or take the challenge, read all books, give free Dance of Dragons spoilers and be proud of beating these enourmous books). Star Wars? Star Trek? Any sign of these space adventures vanishing away from pop culture anytime soon? HECK NO. *Domination sound cue*

If our fandom manages to stand strong and survive even past the actual show, then we've reached the cultural level of such other series - we've been immortalized in pop culture, and in people's minds. Sure, this fandom is a bit stealth-ish, but even then, that'll be a feat.

This is, after all, the Internet. There's always a way to find immortality should you know how to.