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We were all at a convention. All of us.

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As promised, the story finished up before the Friendship Games movie came out. I couldn't help but write something to pay tribute to the amazing work of Mr. Harwick. His recent drawing, is also extremely fitting to this tale.

Thanks to all my readers! Thanks to EQD for the feature and timely posting of the completion update! Hope everyone enjoys the new movie!

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d8c3 to add me.

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Speaking as one of the BronyCon writer's panel moderators, and the one who somehow managed to formulate a coherent enough follow up question to help spawn this editorial series arc, I'm really looking forward to this series.

There is a point where a cartoon show needs to have a consistent and well-groomed feel that helps to bring each episode together. The story editor's job is to take what each episode writer creates and make sure it fits the "look and feel" of the series. As was noted in the panel, a writer does not have final say on what makes it into an episode, and there are a few style points, like music, that tend toward the strengths of writers such as AKR. Each person should have their own way of getting their points out, but I think the show overall has done a remarkable job in maintaining consistency across the series. Quirks aside, I found it quite interesting that the writing seems to gel so well, even when the writers themselves don't spend much time at all working together as a team outside of the start of season writer's summit.

I look forward to reading the series.

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It might have had something to do with a fanfiction writer moderating the panel. Coincidence?

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Your ankle... have you seen the pic of Meghan McCarthy's ankle yet?

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Not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but the shimmy step bowling move from the doctor is straight out of Flintstones.

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...watching the premiere on the big screen in the Mane Events hall at 8am PST. BABSCon has the biggest premiere party with a bunch of show talent to go with it.

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Come on PP, you're smarter than that.

It plays on the big screen in the Mane Events hall on Saturday morning April 4th. Come join a couple thousand crazy people and watch some pony together. The VA crew will be there. What's your excuse?