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Good to see and hear from this hateful, ignorant fool. It is a reminder of all the tax dollars that were tossed down the toilet to the awful ACORN. And it also gives us a reason to remember that Andrew Breitbart played a huge role in exposing this disgusting group's fraud and made our government finally quit funding this scummy group. RIP Andrew.

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He was being modest. He thinks he is number one. I think of number two when I hear his speeches.

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Obama thinks that his talking about other people and comparing himself to them make their accomplishments his. Your 'delusional narcissist' comment hits him right on his bony shoulders.

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He is as skinny Gandhi, I will give him that. I don't think either fellow played as much golf as Obama or could read a teleprompter as well as the lord and savior Obama.

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Rest in Peace Andrew. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

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Great job in trying to unite us. It is always a great side of unity to call people that you hate names and type in all caps that the other side is to blame for all of the problems in the world. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of sad fools like you.

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Wiscactor is a true progressive. "I'd like to see him do that (what? exercise his free speech rights) without security! He'd get his ass whipped! ROFTMLOMOUSE " rage rant is classic liberal. The left condemns violence in all forms, and don't want murderers executed. But Andrew's shouting back at people that were shouting at him warrants him getting his ass kicked. This is called fascism. How progressive of the left.

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Like all liberals he saw Limbaugh's name and became enraged or more enraged. The fool is probably always in a rage. Limbaugh said it best on Nightline once when he was debating a pathetic liberal 20 some years ago. The liberal stooge whined that Limbaugh was a 'name-caller!' and couldn't debate the issues. Limbaugh stated that that is what liberals do, instead of arguing the issues; liberals no matter what the issue is resort to personal attacks on Republicans and call them racists, bigots, homophobes.

He then was clobbering the clueless liberal who started with the racist, bigot, homophobe garbage and Limbaugh with a grin on his face said, Name-Calling! at each insult; mocking the sad lib. Liberals never change for the better.

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Don't worry he still hates all Republicans regardless of race. And he still looks like a toad. Love his pathetic apology. His 'cracking on soccer fans' line is priceless. He is making fun of soccer fans by saying they are gay. The 'cracking on' consists of implying men are gay, and he doesn't mean it as a compliment.

He and other pathetic liberals (as Ann Coulter has noted) love to make gay jokes about Republicans. They scream about Republicans being homophobic and then (Jon Stewart being a prime example) call whichever Republican they are currently whining about gay. It is laughable that the liberal anti-bullying crowd loves to insult people they don't like by calling them gay.

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The last paragraph is priceless and typical liberal-speak, Obama as victim/saint nonsense. After railing against the evil Republicans and how terrible they are for being against gay marriage; he gives Obama a pass for publicly being against gay marriage. He further says that Obama (while all ready acknowledging that he knows Obama is 'publicly??' against gay marriage) that he knows Obama is really pro gay marriage but can't publicly or where it matters most, politically be pro gay marriage. He has to be careful about it. How brave.

Yikes! In realityville the evil Republicans and victim wimp Obama are both against gay marriage. But Radcliffe is a fan of Obama's because he privately is. This is a classic Obama voter. Liberals twist themselves into pretzels to find reasons to vote for him and prove how foolish they are in doing so.

Democratic Presidential candidates have had the same stated view on marriage and the death penalty as their Republican opponent since the 1992 election. The media and dishonest celebrities try to frame it as different and most Obama voters are too blindingly dumb or willingly blind to admit it.