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Maybe more MPs of all parties would favour ending lockdown more quickly were their own incomes being cut. That is the problem. Policy makers and the chattering classes are mostly in comfortable public sector jobs with guaranteed salaries and gold plated pensions.

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It seems strange that now we have Conservatives wanting to open a coal mine and Labour opposing it.

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Is that it?

What guarantees do we have that Johnson and the self-styled 'experts' on SAGE will not keep moving the goalposts to keep us all locked up for longer? Or that they will not 'find' new variants to repeat the whole sorry exercise next winter?

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Looking forward to ordering my first hydrogen powered car. The R101.

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Could it be that Sub Saharan Africa is getting off lightly because malaria is endemic and the use of anti-malarial drugs is widespread?

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My thoughts exactly. Classifying influenza deaths as the virus helps boost the figures and so justifies the lockdown policy. More worrying is the possibility of suspicious deaths being so recorded and not properly investigated. Anyone remember Dr. Shipman?

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It is almost as though someone wants to prove the vaccines do not work. Increase testing and all that will happen is that more cases are found whether they be genuine or false positives. Maybe the answer is only to test people who have not been vaccinated?

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The problem with Johnson is that he is a weak leader. He will not stand up to the 'public health' lobby and recognise that the wider economy and society is being damaged by their tunnel-vision approach whereby only one factor is considered. Of course those who are arguing for longer lockdown and more restrictions are in secure public sector jobs.

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Red tape is a burden on industry so its removal is a pre-requisite to economic recovery. Can we start with Track and Trace?

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All this is a distraction from the real purpose of education in general which is to train the future workforce in order to ensure the economy thrives and innovation can succeed. The Government should require universities to ensure freedom of speech is encouraged as well as freedom to carry out research even when it challenges the prejudices of the academic establishment. This can be achieved by keeping a tight grip of the purse strings and linking funding to success or failure.