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I hope USA/EU does not jump in and support the muslims just to irritate/defeat Chinese communists. Muslims are much more dangerous than communists...

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Except for the last two (Isa:20:2 & Isa:20:3) nothing else even remotely suggests one to walk around naked ... Isa:20:2 & Isa:20:3 are also not recommending us to do so and Jesus never ever EVER walked naked and Jesus always practiced what he preached ...

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This is the first time I came to know of such a disgrace in the name of Jesus. unbelievable and how they justify this naked thing is even more unbelievable.

This is the same stuff some guy named Osho/Rajanesh started in the 60s or 70s.

How can they justify this in the name of Jesus? Jesus always walked around decently clothed ...

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You obey God? NO Never. Muslims obey Allah - the devil.

This Allah allowed MohaMad to have sex with 6 year old Aiysha when he was 56 year old. Allah allowed mohaMad to rape jewish women, keep sex slaves, rob jews, behead prisoners, ban music, prohibit women from mosques?

MohaMad's paradise is filled with virgins for sex, wine and lust.

Why do you face Mecca to pray? Do you think Allah stays in an apartment in Mecca?

Allah said hell is filled with women? What is this Allah? Don't you recognize MohaMad was just utilizing crazy muslims for his cause?

Sit and think for a moment and then leave islam and become a normal human ...

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Have the politicians and leaders lost their minds or do muslims have some hypnotic power?

Contrast this with what muslims did in Italy - They bowed towards mecca showing their asses towards the Roman Catholic Church in a country that granted them asylum, jobs and freedom of speech!

Creepy bugs...

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Are muslims crazy like Britons to bend backwards in their own country for immigrants? Well, when was the last time a muslim respected a non-muslim house of worship, anyways?

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What non-sense? Why don't the people of London just round these muslims and deport them to muslim lands?

Why do Britons need these muslims?

Jesus was a muslim? I am outraged.... Even associating Jesus' name to this sex cult.

On the other hand if some one had said MohaMad was an atheist or communist or Hindu or Buddhist all hell would have broken loose and politicians would be lining up now to apologize to the mulim community.

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"In contrast to the total disrespect shown by the occupation regime, all Muslim sites in the area controlled by the Government of Cyprus are properly and respectfully kept, preserved and maintained" -

Imagine what would have happened to the entire world if muslims were super powers like US, Britain or Russia !!! Entire non-muslim countries would be wiped out in seconds ...

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hahahaha another muslim ass in disguise !

Get a life man; I have seen so many of these MohaMad tricks. He writes "i am a christian and 100% jihadwatch fan"

You can trick muslims like MohaMad did; not us with these cheap tricks ...

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Good opportunity for the international community and news agencies to expose the religion of peace.