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Now that more of the story has come out, Robinson is an idi.ot!

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Since when has the name of security guard now transitioned into the name of "loss prevention officer"?
"Sir, I am going to have to ask you to leave or I will have to call loss prevention"

Glad they caught the tweeker

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I can guess the business attire she is wearing in her mug hoodie, pajama pants and slippers.

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How much did this research cost? I sleep with a fan at night, better research that.
Would this also cause drier conditions? Would these big fans be shut off completely during a drought?

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That's on the SE side, right? You must still have gunpowder in your eyes.

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There's a new one...How to get back at somebody? Send the parents dirty pics. I bet they just thought the whole world of this guy. :P

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"Ah, dude, I hope my hair is ok for my picture"

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That is correct. He's Iowa's Johnny Cochran.

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Geez, maybe I should be more careful on how I word things from now on. I should have thrown some B.S. in there. Then people would have liked it.

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Iowa Code 46.22, Voting
"Voting at judicial elections shall be by separate paper ballot or optical scan ballot in the space provided for in public measures. If separate paper ballots are used, the election judges shall offer a ballot to each voter. If optical scan ballots are used, either a separate ballot or distinct heading may be used to distinguish the judicial ballot. Separate ballot boxes for the general elections ballots and the judicial election ballots are not required. The general election ballot and the judicial election ballot may be voted in the same voting booth."

Unless some counties are still using paper ballots and did not provide a separate ballot for judges up for retention, this could hold up. But, this is 2010, this is a computer age. I would guess that all 99 counties use optical scan ballots and distinctly separated out the legislative candidates from the justices up for retention. I did not like how politics were interjected into the judicial side of government, but I don't see this lawsuit standing.