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It's no suprise to anyone on this site, even the trolls know that their lord and savior is a charlatan.

The goal of the MSM and trolls is simply to obfuscate long enough to get things through. They really are despicable and vile creatures.

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You might want to take a look at the federalism amendment, an ongoing process of crafting an amendment to force politicians and judges back into a constitutional sandbox.

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I believe he was sincerely sorry he was caught.

The amount of real racism and anti-Semitism on the left is appalling to watch when they think they are "Safe" and with friends.

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That guys is looking more and more like dracula every day.

7th wife? Oh I am sure none of them were in it for the money, and I bet he actually believes that!

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I respect them same as I always have, which is to say not at all. LOL

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Oh yeah big surprise.

I bet if they left big wheel barrows of cash laying around they woudl be stunned when some people start helping themselves as well.

It's like the topless parade chicks that were offended men were looking at them, please, what a JOKE.

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Glover was there for the free booze, fighting, and pole dancing. Then he saw the chicks of the local union undressed and got violent.

This guy is a total disgrace, the sooner he dissapears from the world the better

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Well I would probably let her live with me for a month as well, she is hot.

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When are we going to get a probe into risky democrat voting, that does a heck of a lot more damage than the WS crowd could even dream of.

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I am just shocked that Obama would be in the company of criminals

LMAO ...