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I see these forums are now censored...what was wrong with my post?

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funny how morgan tries to gain any time in the spotlight, no?

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Blogger? Talk about minimizing someone. AP grow some journalistic integrity.

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Thank you. Strangely my heart is hurting for the loss of someone I never met and only knew as a kindred spirit. I long to hear that this is a premature April Fools day joke. Sadly, my gut is telling me there is no joke.

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A gentle knock game at the door, Mr. Breitbart aproached,.

"Andrew Breitbart?" the shadowy figure asked.


"I am John Galt. I have a place for people like us. Come with me."

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I am stunned, this is surreal. My heart goes out to his family. The United States has lost a great asset. Sad.

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all bluster no balls....usually true.

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Wouldn't you just LOVE to knock that libtards teeth down his throat. A good politically incorrect asskicking is what baldwin needs.

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this woman is a moron, as is her husband. Cream of the crop leftist jackasses who have exploited this country to gain their wealth and fame only to arrogantly sh!t on it. Loathsome wretch, to think you were a hottie to me in my youth.

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Nothing new here, he's been laying out his Ogenda from the beginning. What he hasn't come out and said is that its designed to destroy America's greatness and to humble its people before the world.

Nice work elected a wanna-be-dictatOr..wise up this time and teach your children well.