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What is it about Mexico, France, Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, Greece, and South Africa that the Leftists find so appealing that they want to drag America down into sewers just like those?

Don't they understand that they have it better here than in any nation in the imperfect history of humanity?

Don't they understand that even as protected-elites things would still be more-dangerous, the poor would still suffer, there would still be crime, and inequality would still exist? There is no possibility of utopia on earth - the only alternative to America is something less than America.

Are they really that dumb or naive ... or is this something worse ... evil?

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When I studied criminal justice we were challenged with the need to exercise discretion, e.g. help the injured person and ignore the over-parked car.

In this case they are violating their oath of office and the clear mandate of their department - the decision-makers should all be fired for neglect of duty and perhaps prosecuted for collusion with the illegals.

How hard would it have been to put these illegal thugs on a bus with a couple of deputized citizens and discharge them across the border?

This is anti-American, anti-civilization, anti-justice ... it teaches citizens and non-citizens alike that as long as Chicago-type thugs are in charge the law only applies to their enemies and not to all citizens equally.

Shame on Obama, Holder, and the rest. They should all resign in disgrace.

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Which part of that was an incorrect assessment?

He murdered his girlfriend and abandoned her while manufacturing a cover-up.

He aided the effort to hide his cousin from prosecution for rape and murder.

He promoted all manner of anti-Christian legislation, including trying to force religious colleges to employ people whose lifestyles and value-systems were diametrically-opposed to those of the colleges.

He constantly-slandered those with whom he disagreed.

He was a serial-adulterer, a drunk, and a selfish-irresponsible elitist lout.

Breitbart was being kind ... and accurate.

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I will ignore your ignorant statements about me as you lack the slightest competence to make them.

The Mormon version of the Bible conflicts with the one true Bible.

It is hardly rocket-science to comprehend that the teaching of the true Bible that says anyone who teaches "another gospel" is an enemy of the truth. One simply cannot be a leader in the Mormon religion and also be a Biblical-Christian.

A deceived and ill-informed member of a Mormon religious gathering, perhaps, but not a leader who should know better. It does not mean he has no right to seek political office, ours is a secular nation, but to claim to be a Biblical-Christian is an obvious lie.

As for Perry, which part of 11 years of conservative leadership versus Romney's 4 years of liberal-moderate leadership leads you to the silly notion that Romney is a better choice?

Perry was rushed into the campaign nearly a year after most of the others (Paul had been campaigning for 9 years, Romney for 5), his advisers served him poorly by not bypassing the first few debates as he was still recovering from major back treatment, and he made 3 minor gaffes which were blown way out of rational proportion.

Romney has said and done worse but Drudge and Fox and others have protected him against the all-out assault that was launched to drive Perry out - because Romney knew he could not beat him on the record - and Perry has a much more compelling life story.

Conservative trust for Romney is dropping fast, if Gingrich were out and Paul had the integrity to attack Romney the way he's attacked the others, Romney would be long gone. Santorum is far from my preferred choice, right now I'd love to see Brownback be drafted at the Convention, but at least Santorum has some respect for the process and the voters.

You believe what you like, I know what my education and experience tell me, and I will go with that. Enough said.

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Actually, I have earned a doctorate degree from a SACS-accredited University-Seminary, and actually I have taught American Federal Government at the college-level, and actually I have written a Bible study for the OT & NT, and actually I have been paid to serve on several presidential primary campaigns as well as other federal, state, and local campaigns ... so I suppose one might suppose I know just a little about both subjects.

So it is you who needs to ask forgiveness for false accusations "bearing false witness".

If you live in a glass house it is best to not to throw rocks at the neighbor who owns a shoulder-launch missile.

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In 35 years of closely observing politics, 12 of them highly involved, including serving on the staffs of several GOP presidential Primary organizations, and also occasionally teaching government courses at the college-level respectfully disagree.

I believe that Romney is a remarkably-flawed candidate whose flaws the other Republicans have only barely scratched but which the Democrat hate-machine (including the media) would use to shred him, not the least of which will be the relentless ridicule of Mormonism. (The church leaders who are promoting Romney have no idea the harm that will come to Mormonism. Not that I am a defender of Mormonism by a long shot.)

I don't believe that any of these four can beat Obama and thus am hoping for an open Convention and another candidate - perhaps Governor Brownback would be a good choice?

Meanwhile, I am hearing that a lot of the big and smart money is moving away from the presidential race and over to US Senate races as control of the US Senate will be key to blocking bad appointments and bad treaties if there is a second Obama term.

I am guessing that Kerrey was persuaded to run, after saying he would not, because the Dems (esp. their puppet-master George Soros) are terrified of losing the Senate as that would block his end-game of the destruction of America as we have known it.

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Someone in the Obama Administration is abusing power to achieve a philosophical goal they could not achieve through the constitution process?

He, of course, did not learn that from his "We can't wait" scofflaw boss ...

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But Willard says he's the *only* one who can beat Obama.

Odd, the facts don't agree with his campaign rhetoric.

Will he apologize for the lie?

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None of these four should represent the GOP in 2012, they lack the consistent conservative records, and they lack the leadership skills.

Romney is a fraud pretending to be a conservative, pretending to be a Christian (by the Biblical definition of the term), and claiming the high-ground in this campaign.

Romney's thugs have treated the GOP Primary like a hostile takeover and his Sherman's March through the process to-date has set a despicable new-low for media manipulation, surrogate-sabotage, and bald-faced lies about himself and others. There is no high-ground for Romney to stand on as he's been down shoveling mud like a madman from the start - his desperation to win-at-any-cost is beginning to be disturbing as he may not even recognize how destructive and dishonest he has been.

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I am sure the workers didn't mind having her on board even a little ... her most recent role was as an often partially-clad tramp in the Spartacus series.

They probably asked her to pose for pictures and sign autographs.