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I just listened to last night's radio program with Mike Zullo. Thank you, Mike Volin. It was good to hear both of you speak on this issue.

I have always trusted A&Z to proceed in the most effective way. It was heartening to hear the following: that Mike Zullo has plans in place for a way to proceed and that he is moving forward; that he has more information than we know about, some of which is sensitive (which he also said in the final press conference); that there are people connected with the next administration who are friendly to the investigation; that once the process is put into place, it will follow a logical course; and more.

I hope people will be patient and not try to take things into their own hands. We need to realize that there's a great deal we don't know -- both about details of the investigation itself, as well as the people and relationsihps involved -- and continue to trust that Mike Zullo is diong the best thing.

Thank you and Godspeed.

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Yes,indeed! I would also like to see more details about what has been investigated. Mike Zullo said he doesn't want to write a book, but I think the public needs to see what has happened,what has been done,and what the media and Congress have been ignoring. Details about the investigation would be fascinating and would answer questions and clear up misconceptions.

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"I would like to be more optimistic, but at this point that is very difficult."
I understand. We've seen how the do-nothing Congress operates, probably because they are complicit.

Positives for me:
- Zullo said law enforcement people (can't remember how he worded it) are already in possession of all the info, and my impression was that he thought they would investigate.
- Arpaio said there is more sensitive info that he didn't release. I hope that might prompt action by some responsible people (like maybe Giuliani?).
- I don't see any way to explain away the evidence presented today. It is direct evidence of forgery.
- A lot of questions are left unanswered. Who did the actual forgery? Who planned it? Who else was involved? I hope those in a position to act will want answers.

This is something straight out of a spy novel; yet we are living it. It is almost too monumental to be believed. I hope we don't end up with a strongly worded letter from Congress, LOL.

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Good summary. I need to watch it again.

"I also STRONGLY suspect that Trump knows more than he's letting on."
I have come to believe that Trump knows more than we think he does about everything. I imagine Trump is in Arpaio's confidence. Whether he will want to act on this information, or direct those in his administration to act, will be interesting to see.

I was also glad to see Arpaio say that there is more that he didn't reveal. Maybe it's too sensitive to reveal to the public. I hope that doesn't mean it will get lost in some Congressional investigation.

For me, this is about so much more than just Obama presenting a forged document. We need to know everyone who has been part of this conspiracy, and we need to let whatever powers are behind it know that we won't stand for it. Whether Congress will act is another matter.

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Thanks for your kind words. Congrats on your new addition to your family!

About your third paragraph: Many of my questions remain unanswered. I know what I saw and experienced (which basically turned into a mob mentality), but I don't understand why certain people -- both on and off that site -- defended the behavior and gave them carte blanche to basically take it over, even in the face of some of the most ridiculous false theories and accusations I've ever seen. No one would hear the truth. It's really unfortunate.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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I agree with everything you said! And it does seem such a shame that that site would not have a post for A&Z's final reveal,when it was the go-to place for info on the investigation. But this site has picked up the thread, thanks to Mike Volin. I'm cautiously optimistic about tomorrow.

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Yes, interesting. I wonder if Obama has ever really been clear about who he is.

You might not remember me, but I used to post on BR. It's good to see posts here from some names I recognize, including you ("Congress protects Obama to protect themselves"), Scott, and tula.

I have no idea what happened to that site, but it's unfortunate. I know what was happening when I left. I do hope its owner is OK.

I'm glad the Cold Case Posse info is going to be released. Trying not to get my hopes up too high that 1) the info will be undeniable and demand action, and 2) action will be taken....because I believe there is overwhelming evidence already, yet nothing has been done.

Those who have worked on this for years, like Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo, as well as Mike Volin, are heroes. I am so grateful.

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Evidence that the birth certificate is fake may be found at

There are also materials that can be downloaded to give to others and spread the word; but anyone who wants to see the proof of the forgery can view the info on the website. There is also info about the forged Selective Service registration card.

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BR, you have taken what I said in a way that it wasn't meant.

Regarding posters pronouncing their location, Scott didn't announce that he was using a Texas IP. That's info you looked up and gave to another poster here without his knowledge.

These are not games, I am not an Obot, and these are not Obot word games.

Hiking, in three, two, one...

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I didn't say I was owed an explanation. I respectfully asked BR to answer a question, "if possible."
It's not your place to tell me whether my question is relevant. That's for BR to decide. As I said, your opinion doesn't matter. At all.