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Yeah no cut and dry moment when it started. I didn't think of it at the time, when I was 12. But Goldust and Marlena started the really crazy storyline with sexual overtones. There was Goldust acting very homoerotic, and Marlena starting that lesbian angle with Sable. Very tame by todays standards. But very new at the time. So it all built very quickly from there.

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I replied to you specifically down below. Just didn't hit reply. Think you might see it different if you read my post.

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I qualified it as whenever you perceive the attitude era began. There was never a set date and time when it started. I always thought it started getting steam in mid '96 with Austin's push. That's when the content started getting edgier. And it was full blown by the end of '97. When DX started saying Suck It! Like I said, the WWE's Attitude Era book has Michaels all over it. WWE '13 the game starts the Attitude Era at KOTR '96. That's just when I believed it started. You could even go back to the end of '95 with the intro of the "homosexual" themed Goldust. I consider the Attitude Era when the outlandish storylines, vulgarity, etc. started. Again HHH and Michaels were the main two pushing for this content to Vince. And Michaels even came back here and there throughout as commissioner, with the corporation, and various other appearances before he came out of retirement.

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Hmmm I remember a little event called Wrestlemania 14. Where the Stone Cold era began. HBK was there. There was the Montreal screwjob...HBK was there. Someone stuffed their crotch on live TV. I forget who that was. DX was formed. The WWF had been going with edgier storylines all through '97. Shawn was a big part of that push. Gonna have to disagree with HHH on that one. Even the WWE' Attitude Era book has Michael's front and center. Guess it all depends when you want to define when that particular era started. I always thought the start of Austin's push from KOTR '96 was the jump off point myself.

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Sure I am.

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Ahh, it's fun hearing back from everyone. Just made a comment of my personal taste and opinion. And to answer you from earlier, I grew up WWF, but also, through the VHS vehicle, got on NWA/Crockett promotions. There was never an avenue to watch women's wrestling. I remember watching the Jumping Bomb Angels in the latter part of the 80's. That was my first time seeing women do something I've never seen the guys do. So there is a level of athletics that has to be top notch to get the eyeballs in their direction. Sorry if I offended anyone. To each their own.

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Way to own it. Teenagers and kids need to know that adults make mistakes too. And the first step is to recognize those mistakes. No one is perfect. Good for him, coming out and saying he was at fault. As we know with WWE, the door is always open if you're a draw.

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Again. I'm not taking anything away from their drive or athletic ability. And I love me some Sasha, and Alexa for that matter. But I just don't feel compelled to watch/care for more than 1 woman's match at a time. I never really cared to watch Rousey in the UFC. And I knew about her before she blew up. The product overall is stale. And then to throw 3 women's matches on top of an over saturated product is just isn't gonna work. If you like it, you like it. I just don't care much about it. Didn't care when Trish and Lita were doing their thing either.

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Really kid? Don't interrupt grown ups when they're talking please.

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Haha! Try 60's and 70's. He was still sharp as a blade until the day he died. No hate here man. You're a good sport. I just don't particularly enjoy female wrestling. It's just not believable. And same goes for a large part of the men's product as well. If you enjoy it, that's cool. I think they are just being elevated way too fast. Main event women's matches on RAW are getting tuned out at record numbers. No criticism on their athletic abilty , drive, motivational ability at all. And I won't hate on your enjoyment of it. It's all good man. Just throwing my little opinion out there. Just God bless the network. Because Vince, shareholders, wouldn't be doing this Evolution deal without that fall net. And...for the record, the 80's was the Attitude Era for stand up comedy. Whoopi, Dice, Robins, Crystal, Leno, Letterman, etc, etc. I would put that time against any other. Again, no hostile shit man. Just talking.