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3 hours ago @ LordsofPain.net - Why Lita Wasn\'t at RA... · 0 replies · 0 points

All I know is I loved how Brother Love was selling that beat down at the end of Raw.

15 hours ago @ LordsofPain.net - Top Stars Appear for W... · 5 replies · +30 points

Can't say how great it was to hear JR and the King do play by play. It almost felt like the WWF I loved.

2 days ago @ LordsofPain.net - Why DEA Won\'t Be Inve... · 0 replies · 0 points

My thoughts as well.

2 days ago @ LordsofPain.net - Vince Russo On WWE Mat... · 1 reply · -5 points

He isn't a fan of wrestling at all. So, why wouldn't he want short matches. This was also the era of a 30 minute McMahon promo every opening of Raw. Can you imagine Stephanie on the mic for 30+ minutes? That's a ratings grab!

4 days ago @ LordsofPain.net - Roman Reigns Issues St... · 4 replies · -4 points

Why would you admit anything? He's not charged with a crime. And the WWE isn't going to test him now. And by the way, only 11 tests? There goes that wellness policy standard. If you test just 11 times in almost two years, just give them the clean urine in a magic 8 ball.

5 days ago @ LordsofPain.net - This Week\'s WWE RAW V... · 1 reply · -5 points

Over 3?!?! Wait... I thought ratings didn't matter. Well I guess they do when they are better rather than shitty. And also, 3 isn't much more than the first Raw in 93. No one watching, because no one cares. Bottom line.

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There is no bail post in VA! Just an automatic recognizance bond. That's without incident. Just an arrest.

5 days ago @ LordsofPain.net - Roman Reigns Implicate... · 0 replies · -1 points

For the guy to pull Roman Reigns and Mark Whalburg out of his ass at the same time is very unlikely.

5 days ago @ LordsofPain.net - Roman Reigns Implicate... · 0 replies · +7 points

Oh god damn Jinder is most definitely using the juice.

5 days ago @ LordsofPain.net - Roman Reigns Implicate... · 3 replies · -12 points

Who cares. Shit should be legal anyway. I'm no Reigns fan, but this "drug" has no side effects unless majorly abused. People used them for years with no incidents. People get prescription steroids for certain instances. My little sister being one of them. She has juvenile arthritis. So a guy wants to add a couple lbs of muscle. God forbid.