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My immediate, negative-Nancy thought was, "They mean the first of the next month."

I am cantankerous today.

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I'm crying, too. And I read it the first go-round, so I knew what to expect.

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Edit: this was supposed to go to @britomartian ... ugh.

My baby didn't loooove being swaddled like some do, but it was still helpful.

I used the Halo sleepsacks and SwaddleMe. I didn't like SwaddleMe-- baby could get his fingertips out the bottom, and would hulk rage out of the swaddle. Halo is expensive, but worth it.

Whichever brand you go with, I'd do two newborn size, two small. Baby started rolling really early-- like < 2 months-- so then we couldn't swaddle anymore.

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When I was 15, I thought I was hot shit because I did below-the-waist stuff (I was very sheltered), and had a brief, glorious summer where my boobs went up two cup sizes overnight but were not yet back pain big.

My dirtbaggiest moment was taking off my thong in public to pee in a fountain, then leaving it on a port-a-potty handle.

I'm just now realizing that I peed in a fountain when there was a port-a-potty available.

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Socks in bright patterns "because that's what all the cool executives are wearing now."

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Remembering the time I was referred to as "Elle Woods Goes to Theology School," and feeling mad all over again at my purse betraying me.

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The Mother of the Groom is really helpful to me as a new mom. Just last night I felt sad because I feel like we're not as close now that he no longer lives inside of me (which is beyond, I know), and was reminding myself that my role as his mother is to raise him to be his own person independent of me. (With the obvious first step of not literally being attached to my body.) This article is a glimpse into a future I don't want.

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My phone bit the dust today, and I need to pick out a new one. Anybody love/hate theirs, and want to tell me about it?

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Request for Services: About to have my first child, excited and impatient but also terrified of having my entire identity subsumed and hating my husband. Cannot currently handle anything related to death or bad things happening to children. (Major caveat to that: I tear through Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers mysteries weekly.) Help?

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Probably TMI, but my cervical mucus suddenly changed. It looked like lotion had been pumped in my underwear. I thought I'd understood what "creamy" cervical mucus meant before, but I was wrong.

All the other symptoms I had between ovulation and getting a positive test were the same ones I get with PMS: fatigue, bloating, break outs. It's cruel that the early symptoms of pregnancy and PMS are so similar. The distinctly pregnant symptoms hit at 6 weeks: nausea, heightened sense of smell, dizziness. Everybody's different, though.

Hope this is it for you!