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Money is the matrix of our enslavement, it is being used to hold us hostage to the VampireRats who are sucking the life's blood out of every thing. Survival is at stake, and they will laugh as we are starved into submission and death. Clearly we cannot vote them out, since they will bribe, blackmail, threaten, or murder, any one we send up there, so what are our options? Omar will be Cynthia McKinney'd unless we do something to defend her. Congress is compromised.

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Finally the truth breaks out regarding RussiaGate. Might be time to listen to KimDotCom, as he seems to know who stole the emails. Next we must ask, #WhoKilledSethRich and WhY???

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Good question, but don't expect Brussels to solve this problem. They are buying wood from the forests in America, burning it to make electricity, then calling it "renewable energy" presumably because trees can be grown again. Imagine waiting for a tree to grow so you can run your car, or turn on the lights. Gas is different of course, all you have to do is get it to the end user, its basically free energy, except for the costs of transportation if you are a supplier. The US is jealous because Russia is supplying that gas. They want the contract and are pressuring Europe to buy gas from them (that they apparently do not have). Ugh. Now as a result, we have Europe asking its citizens to convert everything from gas to electricity, electricity they do not have, except for the windmills, which use magnets that are polluting China in their production. The merry go round, keeps spinning, ever faster and faster. How long until the kiddies are thrown against the wall? How long? Does anyone ever use logic anymore, or is political action enough? We have GlobalCooling now looking more likely than GlobalWarming, yet the yammering continues about GW, and the ChemTrails are up there every frickin' day, trying to cool us down some more, in both the US and Europe. Just whose agenda violin are we playing? While Europe freezes, and America's trees, are cut down and burned, which presumably is releasing more carbon into the atmosphere. We don't need nuclear bombs to destroy the Earth and kill the humans, politics is doing a very effective job, on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Is Donald Trump our John Galt? I've asked this question before, but no one seemed to see the correlation then. Will they get it now?

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Sorta like a SpendThriftWife who is addicted to shopping. What do you do? Simple. You take away her ability to spend, by whatever means necessary.

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Thank you for posting this link. The book is loaded with truth, in an unassuming and truthful way. I’m thankful for the opportunity to read it in its entirety for free. It’s must read for every one of us. We simply must get beyond this racism, tribalism, and all the accompanying phobias, in any manner other than in a metaphorical, cultural sense. I do not believe in sameness, I believe in diversity and seeing all the manifestations of humankind by God’s Hand. There is no one right way, there are no “chosen ones” we have all been chosen to Be Here Now. It’s up to us to simply Let It Be. That means let the ‘Other’ Be.

Our differences are what make us interesting. Imagine how boring life would be if we lived a LaLaLand, McDonalds like corporate existence? I've been an observer of this situation as well as a participant. I don't like being an unwilling participant. I'm an artist, I'm like the canary in the coal mine, this culture is killing me/us. I scream for self determination, freedom of thought, for all, including Palestinians, NativePeople everywhere deserve peaceful coexistence.
I scream at those who would murder, torture, and maim anyone, to gain advantage over them. That’s not Anti-Semitism, that’s just doing and saying what’s right. Self rule, and self determination are basic human rights. To take that away is criminal, it goes against Natural Law, God’s Law. It goes against MY laws which I live by.

I am, like you, one of the ones who dream of freedom, equality, and justice for everyone. We're on the bleeding edge, (I mean that figuratively and metaphorically, as well as realistically), of a war of cultures. If you cannot see your self in the Other, then you are setting your self up to be an Other. I don’t believe that is what was intended when Israel was created. It is sadly what it has become under the auspices of Zionism.

By pointing the finger at Israel, we have of course, three fingers pointed back at us, for we are allowing this to continue by remaining silent. I will no longer be silent, I will be heard. I say to you, O Israel, let go of this insane path you are on. It is with love and understanding that I point this out, but from here, now; “You Will Not Pass”. Stand beside me, or continue to slay me, but I will no longer be silent. You will hear my cry O Israel. I am the GodWithin. I do not choose one over the other. I am. I simply AM.

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EmpireSez: "I've got so much power to give you, all you have to do is beg".
TheTruthIs: Empire has no power, it derives its power from its begging slaves, by exploiting their personal power.

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Looks like many on here are Preppers. I have some land with big trees, water, gardens, perfect prepper place, in N. Alabama, I am going to be forced to sell. I don't want commercial interests to rape it, and I'm getting too old to work it. Plentiful deer and other wildlife. If anyone is interested, my email is

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"A problem, well-stated, is a problem, half-solved"

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Excellent. United we stand as individuals, divided we perish at the hands of the Empires. Your brothers, the others, are not your enemy. The CorporateEmpire, the DarkLord is the true enemy.