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I think it's supposed to be that Jane wiggled her way into the sweater Mar was in the middle of knitting, but I choose to believe that Mar knit a sweater around Jane while she was asleep.

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Two or three self-important dickweeds standing around smelling their own farts while everyone else tries to enjoy a goofy joke video.

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Really glad to see Sassy Saddle made it into the the top 10. She was such an expertly crafted and delivered character. Most new characters are basically set dressing for the Mane 6's adventures, but Sassy's character arc really did an amazing job of informing the story of the episode she was in and elevating it into something great.

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Yes, it must be SO depressing for you to have to cope with the fact that other people hold different opinions than yours. How do you live with such a heavy burden?

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This is why they say never meet your heroes.

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To everyone pooping their pants over the whole "maybe possibly super distantly related thing," someone actually charted it out, and going by how the show describes them as a fourth cousin twice removed from a fifth cousin, any potential relationship between the Apples and the Pies would be 1) by marriage only and 2) So incredibly distant that there is no actual blood relation between the two families.

So maybe dial it back on the "kissin' cousins" rhetoric. The S.S. Marblemac has set sail.

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I know Rara and Marble are going to dominate this poll, but out of the options listed I actually think Sassy Saddles was the best new character. She had the most complete character arc out of any of them, and her story really helped to add to and inform the episode she was in without detracting too much focus from the main character.

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Diamond's mom's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch
She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world!
She's a big ol' bitch if there ever was a bitch
She's a bitch to all the boys and girls!

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"Listening to the Undertale OST."

Might explain why Dash has Undyne colors here.

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Everypony is looking at the camera.

Bulk Biceps is looking directly at Fluttershy.