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I would like to get involved in this article if that is okay. I am a teenager as well and the advice you have given helps shape my actions towards prepping.

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Another thing that zipties are useful for is if you ever need to restrain someone, 1 or 2 (if you want to be careful) makes some very useful plasti-cuffs. They are quick and light and depending what they are made of.

They aren't a good thing to use to solve all your problems but I would say that they certainly deserve a place in a BOB.

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Your point is well-made. There is a world of difference between what only takes a twitch. I at least at the moment in my life, have a dream that I'll never have you use deadly force nor be on the end of it if the SHTF (Or otherwise, for that matter) but if I need to, I will.

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I do think you underestimate people my dear friend.

Humans lived in likely worse conditions than we would if TSHTF and we are here still. The urge for reproduction is greater than you give it credit for. A friend of mine once said that there was "No such thing as too tired to wank" and I would have to imagine that it would be the same for sex. So after a hard day, maybe you two need release. And lets say that's not the case. Rape happens enough in an organized society. For a lone person who stumbles across a woman (or man, but that wouldn't probably be a reproduction issue.) what might happen. Well, that's my take on it at least.

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Interesting. Honestly, it doesn't surprise me in the least that they would do that and while I won't exactly see them as an opponent to a lorry driver, I don't think it is right to take people's supplies that they built up with their own money, it's just not ok for them to do. It's theft, really.

Interesting story, I will see if I can legitimize it through searching stuff.

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Possibly works on the old standby of using ginger ale soda on upset tummies for little kids. My mother used to recommend it every time with me. I hear they also use ginger for sea sickness as well. Just goes to show you how much the root can do.

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I am with you on the rosemary. It is a rugged little herb and the flavour of it is wonderful. It is nearly impossible to screw up a dish with it. Soups, meats, hell, even salads are good with the stuff on/in it.

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I am of the same mindset of "Throw it in, how bad could it be?" That said…

I, personally, over wasabi powder would choose Red Pepper. It is light, far less expensive, quite hot as well and as an added bonus, it is wonderfully more common, meaning you are more likely to replenish your reserves of it somewhat easier. Also another benefit to it is if you wanted to trade with it with someone else, most people are familiar what they are getting themselves into with red pepper, meaning they may be more readily willing to part with some of their resources over something that is alien to them.

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As far as these agents checking for supplies, please, cite your source. You have made me curious.

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Well, what I would add to this list is definitely glow sticks. The thick ones that can illuminate a small room with light.
They last a good few days, they're smokeless and easy to store and conceal. For those last three reasons they are so very much better than road flares, which I find some people store for use on emergency situations. They don't last too long and the massive amount of smoke is not only going to give you away, but if you need to go into or through a closed space like a building, you'll choke on it and not be able to see besides.

The upside to the glow sticks is that they're cheap, safe, and clean. I don't think they can replace a good flashlight, but they are a good back up.