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Heh... what's not mentioned in the post is that this video was sort of a speed challenge. Each participant had to make their part in three hours or less. It was an idea that spawned out of a silly conversation on Friday, and here we are! It was definitely a fun experiment.

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People? It's just me, heh. I don't have a team making these or something. (Well, that Pony Puppeteer guy may have gotten on EqD once... but he's using a program that won't let him control the text speed, anyway.)

Anyway, I include a Gfycat mirror in the description on Deviantart and Tumblr for those for can't quite keep up, since it comes with time controls to let you slow it down. Feel free to use that!

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Technically those pony emoticons are from the /r/mylittlepony community on Reddit. But regardless, thank you very much for posting it!

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I... I can't believe our video got #1. Holy shit. Thank you so much! I'm sure Heir-of-Rick will be similarly ecstatic when he comes back. This is amazing!

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That's where I found it! The second time I watched that credit sequence I knew I wanted to make a video for it.

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I guess it's because EqD has no forum system (right?), so if the community wants to talk to each other about random stuff, they... have to just comment on the next post, whatever it is.

It IS always strange to click on a post about your video and see some guy talking about his vacation, but... it is what it is!

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Uploader here! I'm thrilled you all like it so much!

This was made for the BronyCon 2014 annual PMV contest, and won Best in Show just four hours ago (which is why I made the upload public)! We're totally excited. Today is the best day ever.

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Hey, there's lots more coming! There's just no more Season 4 deleted scenes to be had. But I've got a backlog of like ten other animations to do!

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I_Animate_Ponymotes here. I'm just grateful to see them getting posted at all! It'd been a while and I thought it might not happen again.

Which would be fair. The fact that they get their own post because they don't really fit in other places, I feel, gives me a bit of an unfair amount of focus over other artists. I'd be totally okay with them being slotted into comic posts -- I mean, the fact that they get posted at ALL is awesome.

Anyway. Thanks for what you do, Seth! I appreciate it!

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I_Animate_Ponymotes here. I want to mention how thankful I am that you've taken to posting these, Seth -- the last time you did this you got me three hundred followers. I owe you a lot! And, of course, I'm glad you and everyone else seem to like them so much! I was just working on another one when this went up, hah.