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Who is this person? A google search will find a manager for Mighty River Power. I would hate to think that an innocent person becomes accused of a henous crime just because they share the name of an evil villian that with name suppression the identity of the real person is blurred with rumour and half truths.

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I am all for wanting to change the flag but I just feel it cannot be done. The problem is we will never agree on a replacement flag. Some people will complain that any chosen replacement will be offensive, too Maori, Not Maori enough, too tacky, too much of something, not enough of something else etc.

My feeling is we will have to live with the flag we have already got.

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If I am correct given information I have read on the internet (not this blog of course!) The peadophile in question has responsibility for the care and wellbeing of many clients. This involves face to face contact and probably in depth assessment of the client. At times the client will have to lose some dignity for this assessment to occur.

Now if you could have a choice as to the professional you were to see, would you not want to know that the person you were seeing got off on looking at kids with no clothes on. Some of the clients will be compromised as it is, do they need to be insulted further? Surely they have the right to consult a professional who they know will not look through them in an unprofessional way.

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I have no problem with ACC payouts for the year he was too unwell to work and funeral expenses.This is what I think the $35,000 ACC payment was for. My beef is that we do not have the details of her current benefit claim. The way I see it, the money is gone and now she has to get a job. We do not have details on why WINZ refused her claim. I think this idea that her ACC payment precludes this is Cathy's fabrication. The money was meant for him, not her anyway.

Reading between the lines I think she has told lies to Catherine and Catherine is gullible enough to buy into it. On behalf of all those people who have to roll out of bed at 6.30 in the morning I say good on WINZ for stopping a trougher one fence in front of the trough and telling someone to get off their arse and find a job.

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It is not disputed that this is a certified ACC claim. However the post was about his missus not being able to get a WINZ benefit. The reasons stated was the ACC payment. However is that the real reason? Sure, the money was spent, but was that the real reason why she did not qualify? Are there other reasons that we have not heard and she has just told porkies to a gullible MP so she could continue to suck on the government tit for longer?

The other issue I have is why does ACC payout here pothumerously. Surely the money would have been for living costs for the year that he was living and too sick to work. If there were dependents it would have continued to pay out. The issue here though is that were no dependents so WHY DOES ACC NEED TO PAY THE SPOUSE AFTER HIS DEATH. Why can't this Cathy woman get a job like the rest of us? I may sound mean, but ACC does need to remain affordable for the rest of us. If you want more money upon your death take out some form of life insurance.

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Too right there Savvy. Just thinking about all those jobs that could be lost if there was a sharp rise in the minimum wage.

Just thinking about all the jobs that were lost in the likes of American Samoa when the government did cause a sharp rise in the minimum wage. Just thinking about inefficient tax systems that see capital removed from the economy destroying jobs in the process.

You do however need to get over this fascination for Scandinavia. While their welfare systems with whipped cream and cherries on the top may work for them, it does not necessarily mean it will work here. If I stated my reasons you might accuse me of being racist or going another round of beneficiary bashing. But lets say if you could take half the population of Northland and immerse them in Scandinavian culture and environment, well, they would probably be no better off.

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Who is this guy? My google search comes up with the name of a park in Papakura. Any connection?

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"What does Chris Carter actu­ally do?"

Apart from Sweet Fuck All, he is very good at spending other people's money.

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All due respect, City Councils are about water, waste treatment, roads, town planning, parks and reserves. She may be able to sex a few things up and be good at marketing herself. Not sure about her ability for all those boring things in managing the city. Nice to have a hooker as mayor, but as a Hamiltonian I would rather choose someone for their managerial skills that their looks.

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Your wife must have known something that Whale does not. She must grinning ear to ear every time you are reminded of that encounter!