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Great, another month until life can get back to normal and our economy can bounce back. Will we be having a similar speech in a month's time, saying "No haircuts until August 4th"? Because everybody "knows" this virus is so dangerous.

I think the problem is that Conservatives of all people are stumbling into political correctness, not wanting to face an obvious truth. We're over 40,000 deaths - that's a big scary number. But then you look more closely - the vast, vast majority of these are people who were close to death anyway through sheer age. It's not like healthy and productive people are keeling over in great numbers - no greater than a thousand.

We're trashing the economy in order to give several tens of thousands people a few extra months of life. And in the vast majority of cases, that's a few extra months of life sat in communal lounge watching TV with uncommunicative dementia sufferers, wondering where the scent of urine is coming from and hoping it's not you.

It's not a good tradeoff. It just doesn't make sense.

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"... is unable to use their real name ..."
Not surprised. Stick your head above the parapet, and leftists will stop at nothing to destroy you. It's important to protect yourself online.

Many years back an acquaintance of mine employed at a university made the mistake of publishing some home-truths about our country's demographics and threats to its culture under their real name on a mailing list. The student union found out and didn't stop until he had lost his job, and had been harassed by the police.

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When this has settled down there is going to be a reckoning. 60 MPs who have made themselves known - 60 MPs who will find themselves deselected, and having to fight a byelection against the knowledge that they attempted to bring down the government during a national crisis. Leftist remoaners have no place in the conservative party.

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So I wonder why eIxactly has the mainstream MSM ignored this - ?

For those of you not wanting to dig deep into a technical essay, the short version is that Ferguson's model is a hoax.

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Great news that he's up and about!

Unfortunately, I worry that this will add to the distasteful culture of deifying the NHS. I thought that it was bad enough in that disgusting 'NHS' display at the Olympics, but with Boris as a cheerleader to that culture I think that'll skew politics for the worse.

Can't make efficiency drives - that would offend the hero nurses. Can't use the private sector instead of bloated public sector unionised systems - the supehumans who push beds around would get on TV and criticise it. Can't shift towards a much more just public/private partnership insurance scheme to ease the burden on the taxpayers - that would offend God Almighty NHS.

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I think this whole crisis will represent something of a clean slate for him. Anything else in his political career had been overshadowed by him being very firmly on one side of a huge contentious issue that split the country in half (the B word), but how well/badly he leads the country through this crisis will end up being the thing that defines him. Not often that politicians get a fresh start like that!

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"The Guardian" - I think you're proving my point. Listen to the experts rather than the left-wing MSM. Professor Didier Raoult of Paris did a clinical trial showing its effectiveness, but this has been overshadowed/ignored because of anti-Trump hysteria. STUDY IT OUT.

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The continuing silence on hydroxychloroquine is one of the worst examples of putting political views over common sense. Despite there being strong evidence that it's a workable cure, the London elite are ignoring it because Donald Trump is advocating it.

So we can make a deal with him to get some of their supply shipped over and deal with the problem by the end of April, or we can listen to all of the degenerate cucks whining "Orange man bad". Anti-Trumpists are escalating from being annoying to effectively murdering people.

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Has the concept of women having choices gone too far? We've assembled this diverse panel of white men in bow ties to debate the issue.

(with apologies to Bojack Horseman)

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I think that'll change when the economic effects really hit home. I see a time when all of the emotion of this lockdown is over, but the economy is struggling and unemployment is hitting double-digits. The realisation that we crippled the economy just to save the lives of 5000 people who would have died in the next few years anyway - I predict riots and/or the government to fall.