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Did you click on the Luna header for Nightly Roundup #841? Because that's how I got here. Haha

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"Want to bring back Frank Sonatra for a Fly me to the Moon duet with Luna? Go for it."
Frank Sinatra. Sinatra! Just saying.

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Literally all I want is Rarity. Why, Hot Topic and Funko? Why?

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Hey, yo, CouchCrusader(or anyone else, really), we should totally meet up, I'm going to Comic Con all week!

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I love pony graffiti. I also love that the first image of it is in that style. There's something about them using that that sets it apart from the rest. I really like it. Haha.

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Oh bugger all, damn you auto-correct, DAMN YOU!

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Right on for Penny Arcade, I bloody love those guys. That article is spot on. I hate how hooked on sensational, blithering, nonsensical, hating journalism our society has become. It reminds me of the yellow journalism of old. Sometimes our society makes me so painfully angry. People mock others to feel better about themselves, it's as simple as that.

When it comes down to it, everyone is on an equal playing field. The people who feed off of misery love to think that they are on some higher plane of existence, but they aren't. I love being accepting and tolerant, but hate feeds hate. It's all a viscous cycle. And I love hating people like that. In the words of Mayor Boris Johnson, they are all "great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies!"

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Oh my Celestia, a new Ponyphonic song? My ears can't handle this.

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Sure, bud.

"A: I ran the story room and broke the story with Rob and Meghan. I didn't see the final episode, so outside of the name and pony-type change for Cadence, I don't know what was altered." - That one isn't as sad, but it's hardly my only example.

This one is big: "A: I have had a hard time of letting go of MLP, but I really think I have to move on. I hope some of the themes I wanted to explore can be brought into future projects. I think I can do more of what I'd like to if I wasn't restricted to such a very young audience. Making something for kids over 10 would be more satisfying." There's a lot of feeling behind that. A sense of sadness and borderline failure, if you get what I mean.

And the final one: "A: I think that bible might be the best thing I've ever done. I'm insanely proud of it. I'd love to share it, but it's not mine to share. Maybe someday." The fact that the one thing she's the most proud of is not her's to share. I understand why, of course, but that does not detract from the sadness of the statement.

I hope these were good examples!

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Some of her comments are just far too sad for me to read. I honestly feel awful for her. She has MLP: FiM, a child of her imagination which she loves dearly, yet she can do nothing with it and has to sit back and watch it fall away from her. Some of her answers in there reflect that and that gets me right in the heart every time.