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I heard from somewhere that Undertaker is a huge Joey Ryan fan and it was actually Taker's idea for Joey Ryan's entrance at All In.

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He's been meowcerated!

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Please God, no. There's absolutely no reason for this.

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She can love her body all she wants, but being big isn't healthy. But if she's content with living a shorter life than usual, then more power to her. Some people would rather live a short, fulfilling life than a long boring one, and there's nothing wrong with that. But will her kids be OK with that?

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I actually would LOVE "commentary-free" events to be shown. It makes it feel like you're at the show live.

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No one really cares about Bray anymore.

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I'm glad he's owning it. That's how it should be done. You see Hogan? THAT'S how you own up to your mistakes. You take responsibility for it and you don't make excuses. You don't try to apologize and then get mad when people don't accept your apology.

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I noticed they used Jeff's 2009 theme music in that video. Why won't he use it nowadays?

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Even if he did do steroids (which would've been a long-ass time ago), I doubt any of the citizens of Knox County really give a crap. The only ones who care are his political opponents.

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Do those people in line realize that Punk called all of his fans idiots?