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Oh yeah, I saw this stuff when I was at Joann's on Wednesday! There was a bin with like four different patterns of pony fabric and this was one of them.

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Meh, I like the old ones better, except Twilight (her coat's been the wrong color). The new hair looks weird, though. It looks choppy and like it's lower-quality material.

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Where can I find this? I seriously want to buy one of these.

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I liked winter a lot... until last year. We had to move a few years ago, but we still haven't sold our old house, so in the meantime we rented it out to these people, but they never shoveled snow off the roof, so then our garage collapsed. Upper Peninsula weather, man. :/

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Wasn't Holly Dash one of the animators' OCs that she stuck in an episode?

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It's not really something worthy of notice; I didn't notice it until I heard other people talking about it and was explicitly looking for it, and even then I wasn't sure if that's what people were talking about... It's just a natural effect of putting your arms behind your head when you're a girl. I'm not sure what about that is "wrong".

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It is heavily reminiscent of Double Rainboom. Intentional? Maybe. I hope it's got some original elements, though, and doesn't end up being a repeat of that with Fluttershy in the place of Rainbow Dash, perhaps minus one Pinkie Ex Machina.

I suspect the princesses will play a part in this game: there was a teeny tiny note that mentioned the animator was hoping to get EileMonty and MEMJ. That'd be pretty cool; I can't remember the princesses speaking in any fanmade game I've played yet (although admittedly I've only played a few). Twilight sounded a bit like Dash when she was angry at Pinkie, too. Weird.

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I REALLY hope you're being sarcastic here. Sure, she doesn't have her cutie mark, but there's still a ton of effort put into here. I mean, each individual feather in her wings, and each hair in her mane, and each wrinkle in the curtains and blankets, are detailed. Speaking as an artist, that kind of stuff certainly takes time and effort.

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That picture. Honestly, I always remember Brian Drummond best as Mr. Cake. I'm not sure who Vegeta or Ryuk are.

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It looked so professional, almost like one of those epic PMVs, and then he said, "Also, look for the Friendship Rainbow Castle."

Dude, you could have left that last part out. I can only imagine how awkward you felt saying it in that movie-trailer-esque voice.