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That was stretching the joke a bit, SorosBot. Nonetheless, I support all Tolkein references on general princple. Thus a thumbs up for you, esteemed Wonketteer.

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Becca, darling, I understand this is your blog/personal plaything/courage journal. And you really are a doing a fantastic job keeping up the place. However, and I say this with love, when it comes to all things Peggy Noonington, you should let Jim Newell handle it. That's what he was born to do.

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Wow! That took me back to my mispent youth! That's off their second album. I remember a review in some LA music-scene magazine citing this song with the comment "Just in case you thought they'd mellowed out."

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Ah, life's rich pageant where personal aspirations and fantasies are crushed by our self-destructive compulsions.

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Harelip! Harelip! (the customary response)

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Well played, Chichi. That's the joke I was looking for. Time to turn in my History degree.

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"And the fact that this year’s inductees into the Hall of Famous Americans includes His Grossness and Dred Scott? " That's what you call balance! What you give to those people, must be balanced with what you give to our people. (We, the white, god-fearing citizens of Rockridge.) Well played on the timing, too.

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And I would dig up Senator Preston Brooks' remains to shit in his skull if I could. Exhibit A for why the South and South Carolina deserved the retribution it brought down on itself.

(This from a 6th gen Mississippian raised in California)

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Uh, shouldn't your tag read "Volk Art" ?

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That will teach you to wear a burkha when you travel!