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a week late, but Star Trek Insurrection

(x-posted in the current week thread so hopefully all the clicks get used)

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a week late, but in case anyone is behind like me, Star Trek Insurrection

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DS9 6.05 - 6.07; Arrow 1.12, The Pretender 1.11,

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Last month and this month's The Pretender (1.05 and 1.07)

DS9 5.02, 5.03, 5.04

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I love Klingons. And all Worf episodes are my favorite - but my FAVORITE favorite Worf episodes are the ones with Kurn. I have a thing about siblings (and TONY TODD MY GOD HE'S BRILL!) - and especially reunited siblings who become close/friends. Granted there's only a handful of Worf and Kurn episodes, but they're my JAM.

So I loved this episode from the start - I mean I only started watching DS9 (way back in 95) because of Worf, and here we had my favorite kind of Worf episode! It was everything. I was so thrilled.

And then the end happened.

Look...I was in High School when this aired, and woefully unaware of a lot of the social issues Mark talks about in his reviews and on this site but even I knew - way way back - that the way this ended was just PLAIN WRONG WRONG WRONG. It removes all agency from Kurn (and are there no Starfleet regulations AT ALL about performing such procedures on people without consent? LIke??? really Bashir??), but it also makes me so so so damn sad that Worf lost his brother this way. I just....yeah.

So - I still LOVE this episode because up to the end it's great; but I hate the ending more than almost any other Trek episode ending ever. And you know? My hatred of this ending only gets worse over time. Because it's just terrible, awful, cheap, cruel, unethical! and just SO SO SO WRONG WRONG WRONG.

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This is one of my very favorite DS9 episodes. Which is telling since it's a Ferengi episode, and up to this point I've disliked almost all the Ferengi episodes (and I honestly cannot remember, going forward, what/if any Ferengi episodes are left so we'll see if I continue to dislike them). BUT - this was the first s4 episode I watched after seeing Way of the Warrior (WORF!) and so that might be why I love it SO MUCH. There's barely any Worf, but the story is so very fun that I didn't even care at the time it aired.

Every single part of this episode works for me - it's just fantastic!

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Here have iZombie 1.12 and The Pretender 1.04