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Fuck the finale I'm out

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Fuck this, I was afraid Hasbro would do it sooner or later, but this far (2 YEARS!!!) into development ordering a "Cease and Desist order" is just a dick move. They took down many projects before, and even some plushie makers, they are shooting themselves in the foot by discouraging fan projects. And yes some may argue that it is in their right to protect the trademark, but they are taking down things that do not compete with any of their own products (specially a free game), I don't see any official Hasbro fighting game about MLP being developed, next thing you know they will take down "Double Rainboom" for being too accurate.

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Am I the only one who thinks they came-up with Hoofers because of Cloppers ? Both sound dirty, and the former sounds like some type of drug.

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Guard: "Princess the peasants are revolting, they don't have any bread left to eat!"
Princess Derpy: "Then let them eat muffins!"

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And now the hardest decision of today: which song to remove from my music library to make way for this new RainbowCRash88 tune?Since my phone has no more memory space for music.

Edit: not really a question just a statement as the question is there to illustrate the hardest decision of today.

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Pinkie Pie ate one too many cupcakes

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Finally ! This story has been on Fimfiction for so long, I was wondering when it was going to be featured here as well.

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ALright, good night everyone, that's enough internet for today.

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That comment is 2 hours old, meaning I have just finished watching (pauses here and there), now that I have finished I see that it is not the end, which is something I expected halfway through the video, since it wasn't really going anywhere. Still the title doesn't lie, part 4/4, which made me presume it was the ending when it came out. What do you want me to do? Build a time machine and go back to edit that "ending has come" part (I do not in fact have a time-machine, just to be clear)? geez

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A keytar !