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I know! I'm trying to log in as we speak!
If y'all see Cirno or Nega Tweety give me a holler.

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I hope that's not the final box art, Twi's Wings blocking everypony is making me chuckle...

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looks rather nice for a tech demo.
I don't know squat about 3D modeling sadly, so anything more than squinting really hard and hoping this does well is out of my league...

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Screen grab gamerpics and horridly low poly ponypets...
I WANT TO LIKE THESE! I really do!

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*Obligatory "Stone Cold" Joke*

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I don't celebrate Applejack month.

I celebrate Applejack LIFE.

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"Hello, could I take a moment to talk to you about our lord and savior Cute Accent Apple Horse?"

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Ah that /Co/ thread... Nostalgia.
Had it not been for Me falling of the Image board wagon, getting on /Co/ and being inquisitve I wouldn't be typing this post right now.
There certainly wasn't any stoppin' the Ponytrain, 'cause the Ponytrain don't have no brakes!

wait is it "off" or "on" the wagon? I always forget.

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Ah I love this episode, so much going for it.
If I hadn't already loved Rarity at this point this episode would have sealed the deal.
and it was back when making a pony have wings was so complicated they were wax butterfly wings and it was such a powerful spell it was only doable once...
Imagine that.

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Shodinger's cloud palace wins!
*rolls eyes*
how many times have we seen RD's house?
For all we know it could be a Cloudpartment complex next to the other houses we've seen hundreds of times.