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I watch Red Eye every day... yet, somehow I missed this? Where the hell have I been?


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To quote the site, "The Brony Thank Your [sic] Fund exists to promote and collect donations to worthy charitable organizations, especially those centered around children."

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You pretty much summed up everything I was thinking. It may have sounded like I was riffing on all musicals, but I was mostly aimed at bad ones (due to the population having a generally negative reaction towards musicals, and the brony community having a generally negative reaction to MMC). While I recognize that some are good, despite my lack of enjoyment for them, most people think of musicals as being like... Well, imagine if you condensed everything that was wrong with the 2012 movie adaptation of Les Misérables and made that into a musical of its own.

Not pretty.

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If you judge MMC as an episode instead of a musical, you're going to have a bad time.

Seriously though, it was a mini-musical, and to compare it to anything else is near suicidal. Many musicals are notorious for being... eh when it comes to plot development. If you start squeezing songs into a story, whether the situation warrants it or not, the story starts to suffer. Eventually it just becomes a matter of how catchy the tunes are. I generally dislike musicals, but MMC was decent. For a musical. Which isn't saying much.

(Also, Digi has stated repeatedly that he likes density. It hardly comes as any surprise that he enjoyed MMC.)

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This had better be either amazing or unbelievably bad. Nothing in between.

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"Apparently this has been going on for a quite a while now!"
Someone's about a year behind, aren't they?

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F3nning is the new Best Genre.

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Artist: EDM
Genre: F3nning
Wait, what?

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I believe what he was referring to was a stray animation error or two.

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Yeah. It surprised me too.
And I'm a moderator on one of the sites that merged into Ponyville Live.
It certainly took a while for this to become official, though.