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He's such a chicken shit though. I doubt he'd ever have to guts to walk up to a family member of one of the victims of those tragedies, out of fear that they might rightfully haul off and knock his fucking teeth right out of his head. Life is wasted on people like him.

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Yup, far removed from pesky facts.

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Go eat a gun Rambo.
You don't have any of Smith's sock puppets to protect you here! I see you cry about being blocked and banned, but as anyone can plainly see, you can post freely just fine. Lying is a requirement of being a birther though. Not all liars are birthers, but all birthers are liars. They're about as unpatriotic as they come. Mocking real war heroes, while putting deserters on a pedestal. Speaking of traitors like Lakin, If it were up to me he would have suffered the fate deserters faced during the first world war, lined up against a wall, then pumped full of lead. A fair number of his supporters would be free to stand there and keep him company, if they so chose. Birthers like to scream about how crimes and felonies were committed, but its the big birther heroes who are actual convicted felons.

You have birthers claiming real tragedies, with real victims, never happened, while purporting supposed impending tragedies that never ever actually happen. Yeah, uh-huh FEMA's gonna get us all, any day now! OOooOoOo! When it comes down to it, birthers are the most un-American Americans around. Seditionists, the lot of you. We used to put those up against the wall too, and let me tell ya, not a single one of you would be missed!

For years, birthers have stated how Obama and everyone who ever supported him would be in irons by now. Like everything else they've been dead wrong about that too.

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I know a guy who has a case of Hot Pockets. That'll do, right?

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Well, going by birther logic, he should be hung for treason. M I Rite?

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Zullo looks like the scummy sorta-doppelganger of the guy who hosts the Food Network show "Mystery Diners".

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The A&Z ship has sunk, and is resting at the bottom of the ocean, but fret not, there are still a few clueless idiots at Birther Report, with their hymnals bookmarked to that old Birther church-time favorite: Any day now, O' Lordy(A&Z Day will come!)

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Computers aren't drunk drivers, so I'm surprised you know how to use one.

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You are seriously arguing with an honest to God expert on the subject? Yes, just as surely as your parents are siblings.

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You're just not as effect without larryboy screaming "racist!" at everyone who calls you out on your bullshit Rambo. Go cower back to Lucas Smith's house of denial! You have no power here.