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Okay, maybe I'm applying *far* too much logic to this, but wouldn't a dinosaur about to go through a "huge growth spurt" be eating far more than usual? As in, doesn't this "oh, they were small when they were on the ark" theory just up the ante on the "but where did all the food get stored" question?

(And of course, that's ignoring the fact that for some of those dinosaurs, food would be the other animals....)

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Wait a minute - $11,500 monthly housing allowance AND an equity allowance so he can buy a home? Seriously? $11,500 isn't enough?

Tell you what - he can buy MY house by assuming the mortgage, and I'll "save up" to buy a new house out of the remaining $10,000 in his housing allowance, and the church can keep the equity allowance. We all win!

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"Believe in some imaginary god; and a serious and real mental disorder would go away and you would be able to live a normal life?!"

Oh, but you see, they didn't say you could live a "normal" life, just that you could "live life". Presumably, live it the way God intended - miserable.

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I'd probably have said "no thanks, I've read it before" the first time. When she kept pushing, though, I think I'd have been less polite...

Then again, when people try to come up to me on the street and proselytize, I generally laugh at them and walk away.

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My problem with calling it the "Miracle on the Hudson" is that it discounts the skill, planning, and airplane design (and maintenance) that all came together to make it possible for everyone to survive the incident. The survival of everyone on the plane didn't just happen, and it wasn't "lucky".

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"What is important is to know how to listen... without locking oneself into ideological visions with the arrogance of a person who, having the power, thinks they can decide on life and death," he added.
Um, projecting much? You, having power, want to decide life and death for every woman. And if you can do it by restricting her information to the extent that she doesn't even know you've made the choice for her, so much the better. Lifting the gag rule, on the other hand, allows for the flow of information that enables a woman to make a better-informed choice.

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Clearly you can post.

But you don't bother to identify which, if any, of the statements above are lies, which are true but skewed or out of context, and which are true.

To me, that suggests that it's largely true, but you don't like the way it looks when it's laid out like this.

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"I have one question for the fearful Christian extremists and their supporters - who's next? I can only assume that ending atheists' right to marry is on your list somewhere."

Oh, I imagine they'd solve the problem not by ending our rights to marry but by ending our rights to exist (as atheists).

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Protect it from WHAT?

If you want to protect marriage, you'd do more good by focusing on making sure people are prepared for it (rather than drunk in Vegas). Keeping two little old ladies who've been together for the last 40 years from marrying does not protect the institution of marriage from anything.

Tell me one way in which two people who love each other deeply and have had a stable relationship for years marrying each other (whatever their respective sexes) can hurt the institution....

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Heh. You use a machine to print a paper ballot - we fill out a paper ballot, then run it through an optical scanning machine.

Mom & I were # 36 and 37 in our line (3 precincts vote in our polling place). (We got there about 6:40 a.m.)