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I will just add, in some strange circumstances it CAN work! My GF was lucky enough to move into a group house with two awesome people, one really nice person, and one douche. Over time the douche moved out and was replaced with another awesome person, and the really nice person left to move in with her boyfriend and was replaced with yet another awesome person. So they had just a core group of really great people and it was legitimately a good situation (most of the time, obviously five people in a house is a bit stressful at times no matter how much everyone is a good friend).

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Oh totally. She could definitely be avoiding taxes which is totally a possibility! And she's ultra-rich so it wouldn't even surprise me that much! Just that her cover story is at least KINDA believable in light of all the stalking she's had to deal with.

I just want her to be one of the good ones :(

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The funny thing is that Ta-Nehisi Coates admitted just a day or two ago to setting up an LLC to buy his apartment in Brooklyn in order to avoid publicity. It also sadly failed to provide anonymity, so he has to move back out of Brooklyn since people were bothering him about it.

But really, now I'm picturing a Watson and Coates corporate espionage thriller, where the two of them have to go deep undercover into the shell corporation game in order to bring down the system from within. And while doing so, they have deep, trenchant discussions about the destruction of the patriarchy and racial oppression and the difficulties of fighting both battles at the same time. I WOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE.

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I wish I could agree! I love the Branagh version of Much Ado About Nothing (for entirely different reasons than I love the Whedon version), but for me Keanu botches his role entirely with his awful "I am a plain-dealing villain" speech. He just comes across as whiny, not evil, and since that's the defining character moment for me, it taints the remainder of his performance.

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As a lowly freshman, I had the pleasure to see Josh Gondleman do a set at the "coffehouse" on campus when he was a senior, and it was already clear that he was going places. He was the funniest of the people who were on stage that night, and since then I've heard nothing but good things from people who knew him and interacted with him. It's always been nice to see his success!

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As someone who posts there from time to time (primarily on Jezebel), I would be very sad if Jezebel got shut down because of the mess going on at Gawker. And, like you, I'm very conflicted. I absolutely think they screwed up and shouldn't have posted the video, and it's clear that their extremely juvenile attitude towards privacy and propriety got the better of themselves here. They absolutely shouldn't have posted the video and, like with the forced outing of a famous person's brother, people should have been fired/forced to resign.

But the idea that they could be sued into oblivion here is really unfortunate, as a legal matter, and this trial has become a circus that shouldn't happen in a system with robust press protections.

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I'm just picturing George Clooney in Burn After Reading and his "mechanical contraption"

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It's so goooood.

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I don't even get mail!