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You missed the point. CM Punk complained and was very vocal about people coming in and doing in WWE what he came in and did in UFC. He can't trash a practice he basically participated in himself via UFC. It makes him look like the type who just hates not being on the receiving end of those breaks.

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I like how people defend him leapfrogging legit fighters who paid their dues and earned their way in MMA because he's a draw. But then also defend CM Punks hate for part-timers who are used in WWE because they are draws. I'm not a CM Punk fan, or hater. I didn't like his attitude towards fans. I never met him, but it used to aggravate me seeing him treating young fans like crap because he was angry about other stuff. In the long run, he accomplished everything there was to accomplished in pro wrestling other than main eventing Wrestlemania. He was able to chase a dream and compete in UFC. He's wealthy and can retire more than comfortable. He's happy. His fans should be happy for him. Now everyone should move on.

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Can take him much more serious now. There's something about a guy who's balding but insists on keeping long hair, that really reduces his credibility. Except of course for Hulk Hogan. But then again I'm biased. I've been shaving my head for years.

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WTF are you talking about?

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Yes. He was only there before and briefly after they switched from Eastern Championship Wrestling to Extreme Championship Wrestling.

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I knew both him and his wife in the early/mid 2000's. They had a pretty volatile relationship at the time. Won't get too personal out of respect, but he would do stuff, she would go into rages...which were justified. I'm surprised they were still married. I don't know what they were like in recent years. Never ever thought it would come to this. But judging by how they were when I knew them, and now that it's happened, I really wouldn't be surprised if it was her who shot him, or vice versa. Was a troubled couple. I just feel for the kids. Damn shame.

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Going back to Fridays will hit their ratings hard.

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Yes, WWE will pay you. But then you run the risk of becoming a jobber. So you get the choice of getting paid and just making other guys look good. Or working the indies, making less, and looking good. No right or wrong choice. Depends on one's desire for how they are portrayed. And ones need for money to support family. I personally love the indies. I used to work indies. And now love supporting them. Most better companies with a good reputation will pay the talent a fair price, when considering attendance, and cost of rent for the building, and so on. I'd NEVER support a company that stiffs the workers though. Just don't agree with Joe badmouthing good promoters because they don't make workers rich, when the promoters themselves aren't rich.

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Pretty sure the sheer number of accusers and the evidence in the Bill Cosby case was the difference. Please don't turn this into a racial issue.

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I actually liked his gimmick. Remember watching him on Saturday mornings, and on Prime Time Wrestling. Shame seeing guys go. Worse when they have to battle so many health issues before. RIP.