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I saw The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs when Mike Daisey performed it in DC. The segment they played on TAL was an excerpt. The monologue in it's entirety is a beautifully written interweaving narrative consisting of dramatized scenes from Jobs and Wozniak's life with the story of Daisey travelling to an Apple factory in China. In that context, the segments about the underage girl and the old man felt quite effective.

To be fair, the TAL episode missed that context entirely, and the fact that it was a dramatic monologue.

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I feel Shame will make it into this list easily. I haven't seen many of the films on this list. :(

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You've sold it well! Bought it on Amazon. Can't wait to read it.

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This movie should have gotten a lot more attention that it did. It should be discussed more. Children of Men is easily one of the greatest science fiction movies ever made. And it has a brilliant soundtrack too! It's a masterclass in film-making. And the actors have tremendous chemistry.

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Why is it that the poor and the down-trodden let themselves be made use of by vile men?

p.s. This is arguably the best prose you've written. It must have taken a lot of restraint to keep your rage at a consistent simmer behind the text. :)

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It does feel like that now, more than ever before, misinformation can be perceived as equally - if not more - credible than good information. Great article! And you're right, he was very articulate.

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I've been waiting for this film for ages. The only reason I did not see it this weekend was that I had to see Tree of Life. And that film affected me more than I expected; I couldn't watch another film after. This is a great review! I will be seeing this movie sometime during the week.

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You undertake such wonderful little challenges. :)

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"this is the closest a video game gets to being a work of art." I am surprised by the implication that it's not quite art yet, that it's pretty close. So, what does it take for a videogame to be considered art. My position is that quite a few games are works of art; BioShock, Half Life, Myst, Clive Barker's Undying etc. come to mind.

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Way to make a guy feel old as he rings in the new year - point it out to him that The Matrix was released 12 years ago. Have a great year PS.