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I remember when I reread this a year or two ago I read this part and had to put the book down for a couple of hours. I can't remember the timeline though, had he already been diagnosed by the time this was written? Or is it an unpleasent coincidence?

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After Carpe Jugulum Pterry was quoted a few times as saying he was pretty sure it was the final Witch book, as Granny had become too powerful for there to be any narrative threat to her. Eventually he realised that the solution was to focus on a new, much less experienced witch character who nevertheless would/could not Granny swoop in and solve all her problems for her.

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And that's why Spike is a better candidate for Shanshu than Angel

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Oooooh, I did not know that. That is a bad thing to do.

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"The army's in a tricky spot here, because they've got (stupid) orders to 'do whatever they feel is necessary', but know that if they explain that they thought it necessary to just tell everyone to take it easy for a day or two while tensions die down, they're going to be in trouble. "

One of my favourite bits in (Spoilers for Future Mark Watches project) Onolyba 5 vf jura Furevqna vf beqrerq gb raq n qbpx jbexre'f fgevxr "ol nal zrnaf arprffnel." Ur tvirf gurz gur cnlevfr gurl ner nfxvat sbe. It's amazing,but there's no way he could get away with that IRL

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We had biology teacher at my school who was ex-SAS.
In the younger years he was a figure of abolute terror, his classroom was full of frightened obedient children. Once you reached about 16, however, you realised that it was entirely reputation. He'd never done or said anything that menacing, it was just some sort of aura he radiated. Once you got past that, he was actually a pretty good teacher, genuinely cared about his subject and teaching it, but I always wondered if he knew the effect he had on the younger children and whether it was deliberate.

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When questioned on the subject, Pterry commented that the Patician in CoM "was Vetinari, but written by a more stupid writer"

For what it's worth, the TV adaptation changed barely any of his dialogue, but made his mannerisms Vetinari from the later books instead of the ones from CoM and it totally worked.

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Nation makes more sense as not a DW book, because gur punenpgre bs Qrngu vf qvfgvapgyl zber fvavfgre, zranpvat naq nqirefnevny guna gur QJ bar. Cgreel jnf pyrneyl jbeelvat nobhg uvf bja zbegnyvgl n ybg zber ng guvf cbvag

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It felt so much like a below average Discworld book it was bizarre that it wasn't. In particular there were characters who were so clearly DeWorde and Vimes, but with the names of real historical figures. I've often wondered whether it started as a Discworld book and why the decision was made to change it.

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I guess Vimes has the benefit of having seen what happened when Keel asked Swing to sign for prisoners. God only knows what Keel's plan would have been.