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I felt this was the perfect ending for Hanna and Marek - anything more definitive would have seemed too pat, and anything less would have felt incomplete. We don't know what happens, if one will compromise, but we do know that whatever happens both of them will move forward from here. Brilliant writing.

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That's really interesting, as I had read it somewhat differently first time around. I thought Marigold either hadn't seen or hadn't wanted to have seen Hanna, and was thus looking straight ahead. And, for Marigold, choosing to be at a party for Eve organised by Hanna and where she therefore knows Hanna will be, is as much concession as she is able or willing to make. I thought Jane *had* seen Hanna, and had noted all was not well, but had decided, witch to witch, that Hanna would not want comfort from her at this Jane's lack of acknowledgement was in itself a small act of kindness.

I went back and forth over whether Don's expectoration was contempt or indifference, though.

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Ironically, though, answering those questions might just lead Hanna down a path as good as Eve's is bad. I love that about OP, that both Hanna and Eve are right in their thoughts but for the wrong person.

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Agreed. It's *almost* as if this is a clever and nuanced story where fault seldom rests entirely on one side or the other ;)

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My guess was "Foochs" with the ch sounding akin to when Scottish people say "lochs" (which in turn sounds a bit like how Liverpudlians say "fucks" but that's too esoteric to be inentional;-)

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Missed the anxiety medication first time around, I must admit I thought Will was hungover and struggling with it in a way he wouldn't have been when younger as in the picture when dating and drinking came easily...missed the specifics but got the correct mood, I guess

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Isn't Jane the barista rather than the customer? (or have I misunderstood your post :S ?)

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Ok, yup, I can see that - thanks. That makes a lot of sense.

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It might be that I’m clutching too hard on my original interpretation, but at the risk of going against the grain, is what Will’s offering to do so bad here? He’s there, he happens to overhear, he’s got a an easy solution, he offers to help in a way which allows Marigold to decline if she wants. I get that Will was by far the more at fault in the breakup, and this Marigold has her sympathy but we’ve also seen Will’s trying to be better of late at the necessary cost of some self esteem. Can we not allow him the small feeling of a win here?

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One of those nearly-but-not-quite pairings which dot all of our personal landscapes...