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I'm a'runnin' for that dang o'l President, live in that dang o'l White House, I tell you what....

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It just makes him sound like some guy ranting in a train station lobby.

To be fair, some guy ranting in a train station lobby is Ted Cruz's base.

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Wait, what? I always thought California was in supposed to be broke and in a perpetual budget crises. What did you do, kick the Republican out of the legislature or something?

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I recognize that power companies face costs associated with supporting power lines to residential solar. But those power lines also represent a massive public subsidy to the utility companies in the form of public right of way for their ugly-ass poles. So the utility companies can suck it up.

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They do now.

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Who knew committee meetings could be weaponized?

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You know, not Gay at all.

Of course not. Except for the butt-sexx.

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Yeah, they made some threats, of which it is entirely unlikely they have the capacity to carry out. The ability to break into insecure computer systems and muck around with what you find there is categorically different from the ability to coordinate bombings in a foreign country - especially if you have given authorities in that country a heads-up concerning your intentions.

On the other hand, they've certainly demonstrated that shouting "OOGA BOOGA!!! TERROR!!!" can be an effective means of achieving one's goal.

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To suppress screenings of a film that has been available for a decade because the terrorists won’t like it

The hackers are terrible people, but they aren't fucking terrorists. Stealing a bunch of email and putting it up on the internet hasn't killed anyone.

You got to be careful throwing around the T word, because when you use it, the NSA/CIA/Fox News types get all excited.

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Democratic Presidents sure do love them some cigars.